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As promised (albeit a day later than advertised), here’s the larger version of this “piece” (see the day before yesterday’s comments for a definition). I don’t have a great deal to say about this other than that I like the vibrancy and the composition – other than that though, I think it speaks for itself.

On a largely unrelated note: I don’t know how many of you used the thumbnails page (the one with 75x75px versions of all my images) but, for the time being at least, I’ve disabled it. Over the last few weeks traffic to this site has increased to the point where I’m in danger of exceeding my 16GB monthly bandwidth (I’m getting around 800-1000 visits per day). So, on the basis that the thumbnails page probably accounted for around 2.5GB of traffic last month, I thought I’d get rid of it for the time being. Hopefully that wont inconvenience anyone too much, but I can’t really justify another hosting package at the moment :-/

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
2.26pm on 30/4/04
aperture priority
4x3 + graffiti
comment by P at 12:04 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

oooo... i liked the close-up version from the other day, but now that i see the contrasting blue in this one, i think i like this better! nice capture.

comment by Jessyel Ty Gonzalez at 12:31 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

Seems like a radical political ad, LOL.

comment by Tudy at 01:09 AM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

I love grafitti.. at least this kind. Im often amazed at the talent some of these artist have.

comment by Daniel at 01:32 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

Ha, ha, the guy only forgot to write his fax number :) I like the textures within the colored areas.

comment by Joseph Holmes at 03:25 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

Marvelous. Of course the grafitti is wonderful, but you've done a great job of capturing the colors and framing the art.


comment by Zero at 06:07 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

The colors in this photo remind me of "The Maxx" (Comic) by Sam Keith.

comment by brad bane at 08:27 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

great picture. its a shame the police are so hard on graffiti here, as soon as something goes up it gets buffed.

comment by djn1 at 11:11 PM (GMT) on 3 May, 2004

Thanks. I have three or four more graffiti shots, but I wont bore you with them now ;-) I thought I might put up one a week for the next few weeks unless I end up with a load of stuff I prefer.

comment by Peter Crymble at 12:03 PM (GMT) on 6 May, 2004

Totally love this shot. The blue/yellow works really well. Its inspired me to go and take pics of some of N.Irelands rather 'interesting' grafitti...

comment by Doglord at 03:36 PM (GMT) on 7 May, 2004

Do you think the artist has been influenced by Peter Savilles work for Factory records? Their stuff always prominently featured the catalogue numbering as part of the design too (eg FAC 001).

Great photo by the way. Keep up the good work. I imagine the traffic you describe is indicative that I am not the only one who continues to enjoy & be inspired by your photoblog.