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After a week of really struggling to take anything decent I ended up taking six shots yesterday that I’ll put up over the next couple of weeks – various shots of some graffiti reasonably close by to where we live. Normally, graffiti in the North of England is of the “fuck off”, “daz luvs sharon”, or “I woz ere” variety, so I don’t often come across any that’s worth photographing. On this occasion though I found what seemed to be a partially demolished building – three walls, open to the sky – painted on both sides, … and some of it was really well done.

This shot is a close-up (not a crop ;-) of the one I’m going to put up tomorrow, and is a part of the tag of a larger piece of work. Incidentally, I suspect that there’s probably a word to describe an individual piece of graffiti … I just don’t know what it is ;-)

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Canon G5

11.29am on 30/4/04



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4x3 + graffiti
comment by Andrew at 09:34 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

In North America, I believe an individual piece is variously called a "tag", "throw-up", "piece", "hit", or "burner" (very roughly ordered from lowest complexity to highest, and this is not a complete list)...

Beautiful exposure and composition here.

comment by myla at 10:53 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

That is *the* coolest '4' I've seen in a long time. It almost looks like it has a nose like the Concorde :) X:04 is fantastic.

comment by Kjetil at 11:50 AM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

Really great photo. The yellow color is great and does somthing cool to those black "taggings". Congrats with a good shot!

comment by ninds at 04:02 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

Very cool picture and such a bumble bee yellow too!

comment by Maxine at 05:56 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

Well spotted and nicely done!

comment by Darieus at 06:15 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

Love your use of color

comment by Joseph Holmes at 07:24 PM (GMT) on 1 May, 2004

Yeah, whoever said "bumblebee" got it right. I would have guessed it was a code painted by hiway or utility workers if you hadn't said it was grafitti.


comment by zee at 03:46 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2004

kewl shot! nice contrast, very crisp. :o)

comment by djn1 at 06:53 AM (GMT) on 2 May, 2004

Andrew: thanks for the definition.

Everyone else: thanks :-)

comment by Life...sustained at 04:47 PM (GMT) on 23 April, 2007

that 4 is tight so is the 0. X:04 rock on