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One of the things that always seemed difficult when photographing flowers with an SLR was gaining sufficient depth of field. More often than not some component of the flower would be unintentionally out of focus, spoiling an otherwise reasonable picture. With this camera the opposite seems to be the case. This was taken with an apeture of f2.0 – i.e. wide open – but I still had to blur the background. I guess this is a feature of compact digital cameras and think I remember reading that there isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between an apeture value for a compact digital and an SLR; i.e. an apeture of f2.0 on my camera is the equivalent to a much higher value on an SLR.

That said though, I’m reasonably happy with the result. This version of the picture is more tightly cropped than the original. I originally left a border around the entire flower but, when I came to look at the image, there was just too much empty space. I suppose this is one of the problems with staging shots such as this; i.e. it’s difficult to get something that doesn’t look artificial.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
optical filter
Canon G5
3.18pm on 15/11/03
aperture priority
B+W UV 010
comment by David Michaud at 12:26 AM (GMT) on 20 January, 2006

I have followed your blog without but perhaps one comment since 6 January 2005. But tonight I started browsing your blog from your first post and running across this uncommented image I thought it a nice opportunity to make another comment.

I have also noticed the disparity in apertures between SLR and point-and-shoot digital cameras which can be somewhat frustrating when changing among the two. I think that your shot here is well executed, and I particularly like the composition, colour palette and contrast. I don't think it looks artifical. Well done!

Thanks for your dedication to this site and the inspiration that it provides for many aspiring photographers like myself!