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I may be completely wrong, but I suspect that this one might be a bit more popular than my previous shot of this broken hard drive. Let me know what you think.

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11.38am on 6/9/11
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 100mm f/2.8 macro USM
aperture priority
Camera Raw
Photoshop CS5
16x9 + macro + show the original
comment by Ken Dobson at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

I agree. I prefer the composition a bit more in this one. Either way, I still like this series.

comment by Matteo at 02:36 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

I agree to, while I really like the other one, this one seems more balanced. I need to find my old hard discs.. (BTW, f/22? I'm missing something about aperture and DoF..)

comment by djn1 at 02:56 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

Thanks Ken.

Matteo: at very close range, even with a small aperture, depth of field can be extremely shallow. For example, shooting @ f/22 with a 100mm lens, with a subject distance of 25cm, the depth of field ranges from 24.7cm to just 25.3cm. If you want to have a play around with the numbers, take a look at this page:


comment by Carlos Garcia at 07:16 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

I like this one too. I think it might have been more interesting to remove that curved upper portion of the image; I think it is the drive housing? Just a thought. Nice shot.

comment by djn1 at 07:39 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

Carlos: interestingly, I did produce a version without the housing in the background, but I thought it looked a bit sparse so reverted to this version.

comment by Matteo at 08:53 PM (GMT) on 7 September, 2011

David, thanks for the explanation; I'll keep that in mind when I'll shoot macros, playing with the calculator shows a much more strict range when closing on subject, I didn't noticed that before. Again, thank you!

comment by djib at 10:00 AM (GMT) on 8 September, 2011

Great shot. It took me a while to guess what it is. I love the very contrasted image and the brilliant metallic surfaces.

comment by djn1 at 04:32 PM (GMT) on 8 September, 2011

Matteo: you're welcome.

djib: thanks :)