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As you'll know if you follow me on Facebook I've been home alone this week, looking after the kids, while Libby has been back in the UK. Normally when Libby travels she takes Tiggy (our one year old) with her, but this time she left her behind. We weren't entirely sure how it would go – this is the first time she's been away from Libby for more than a few hours – but we decided that a) Tiggy was old enough to stay, and b) Libby deserved a break, not least because she had loads of work to get through before heading home again this weekend.

Anyway, it's been fine, though tiring, and as Libby gets back on Saturday I'm sure we're going to survive. Today though has been hellish. Tiggy has been fine – she's pottered around, ate loads, and generally done her own thing. Fin (5) and Tabby (3) on the other hand have been terrible: they've cut each other's hair, broken things, fought like cats and dogs ... you get the idea.

Anyway, my reason for mentioning all that is because it influenced my choice of image today: something quiet, simple, non-contentious and calm – quite the opposite of my experiences today :)

And in case you're wondering, it's some netting, hanging from the underside of Blackpool's North Pier.

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comment by Jonas at 06:41 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

As a father of two the same age, aswell as a photographer, I can for sure appreciate all aspects of this wonderful picture. :0)

comment by Carlos Garcia at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

Simple and nice... like it. Tell those kids there's going to be trouble if I have to.... travel... across the ocean... to straighten them out! :) Hang in there :)

comment by kate at 07:34 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

simply angelic! which is more than I can say for your two future hair stylists. ;)

your week reminds me of when my brother and his wife each thought the other was picking the kids up from the church daycare nursery. nobody at the church knew they hadn't been picked up and the two wee ones were left alone. when my brother discovered his egregious parental error, he rushed to the church nursery and found his two litle temporary orphans safe, but very hungry, crying and pinching each other like mad. :)

comment by ramon at 07:39 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

Sea breeze feeling.

comment by Michaelcim at 07:52 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

Ah, the joys of fatherhood. As father of two pretty much in the same age I can only say "I hear thee, brother" :-) . Thanks for putting the shot up, this reminds me I have a few of those as well, which could do with a revisit. I'm looking at yours with Pink Floyds "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" playing on the background. A perfect combination of visual and audio tranquility...

comment by djn1 at 08:02 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

Jonas: thanks.

Carlos: I'll send them over to you, it would be easier all round :)

Kate: yep, Fin and Tabby would have been much the same :)

Michaelcim: good choice, and one of my all-time favourite albums.

comment by Dan Kaufman at 09:56 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

ahh, but only distant memories of adventures in Parentland. Now I fret over college graduations and wedding receptions...but I wouldn't change it for the world. Nor I imagine would you.

love the soft Chromasia toning !

comment by Miles at 10:51 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2010

lol, when mom's away the kids will play. she's going to have a laugh when she gets home...

comment by djn1 at 04:37 AM (GMT) on 10 December, 2010

Dan: no, I wouldn't change things :)

Miles: err, possibly :)

comment by Pau Blasi at 07:41 AM (GMT) on 10 December, 2010

Yes, something quiet and calm... or maybe the broken net symbolize your mood after the war at home. Art is so subjective... :)

comment by Richard at 10:29 PM (GMT) on 10 December, 2010

Great image David, I can smell the sea air from here. Also, stoked to be on the 2 day workshop in Feb. Looking forward to seeing you again.

comment by mooch at 06:38 PM (GMT) on 19 December, 2010

I quite like the abstract nature of this image.