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As I mentioned a few entries ago my good friend Craig has been staying with us in Bulgaria. Sadly though, he's now on his way back to the UK, accompanied by Libby and Tiggy who are heading over to Blackpool for a week. They get back next Saturday, but I'm heading off again on the following Monday: for the Gulf Photo Plus FotoWeekend in Dubai (November 4th-7th), followed by another training event in Abu Dhabi, followed by a trip to Oman with my good friends Bobbi Lane and Jason Kotecha. I'll be back in Bulgaria on the 17th.

All of which brings me to this entry. I'm not sure of the exact translation of the text painted on this tyre – на добър път – but think it roughly translates to something like 'have a good journey'. Given today's events, and those that are coming up, it seemed quite fitting.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's pronounced "Na Dobbur Putt".

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12.45pm on 20/10/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
aperture priority
minor transformation
3x2 + travel [Bulgaria] + show the original
comment by Dan Kaufman at 02:46 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2010

Great colors !!
...and great use of the Bokeh plugin. and stretching the height of the tire was the master's touch!

comment by djn1 at 03:46 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2010

Thanks Dan :)

comment by Carlos Garcia at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2010

Love how you transformed the original! Great brightness and new geometry! Cool. Yes, I was wondering and may you all have safe travels. C.

comment by Csaba/EyeVision at 07:53 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2010

Nice colors, David. How did you "photoshoppped" the shallow dof? Nice job.

comment by Jessica Sweeney at 06:21 AM (GMT) on 24 October, 2010

Great colors! And I like what you did with the background.

comment by Michelle at 03:37 AM (GMT) on 25 October, 2010

Nicely seen...love the colours too!

comment by djib at 09:52 AM (GMT) on 25 October, 2010

I like the processing, especially the artificial bokeh. To me the colours are a bit too saturated though.

comment by djn1 at 01:02 PM (GMT) on 25 October, 2010

Thanks everyone.

comment by bryan at 05:09 PM (GMT) on 9 November, 2010

great use of the tilt shift effect