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Craig and I drove up to the Shipka Memorial yesterday, with the intention of shooting some panoramic scenes from the top. It was a bit cloudy when we got there, but as the weather report had promised clear blue skies we set off walking up the 900 steps to the base of the monument. When we finally managed to reach the top it was cloudier than ever, but we decided to head up to the top of the monument on the basis that the clouds might clear at some point. However, after dragging ourselves up the next 166 steps we were greeted with this view:


Normally – and by normally I mean when you're not standing in the middle of an especially dense cloud – the view is spectacular. Yesterday though we spent over half an hour staring at a wall of fog that cleared just long enough for me to grab four or five frames. From a photographic point of view I'm not sure that it's sufficient justification for hauling myself up 1066 steps, but I was pleased that I got at least one shot from the top, and we did have a great day :)

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comment by Annette Hagemeijer at 10:42 AM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010

Wow! It was worth it.

comment by Matteo at 10:57 AM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010


comment by Jouna at 11:04 AM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010

It's like watching Lord of The Rings again.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 11:18 AM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010

And the climbing the most steps to get the fewest shots award goes to..... :)
Isn't there a fog be gone tool in photoshop?

comment by DedicatedRR at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010

@Jouna: That's exactly what I was going to say! :)

comment by LightningPaul at 09:04 PM (GMT) on 21 October, 2010


comment by Chris at 04:59 AM (GMT) on 22 October, 2010

I think it was worth climbing 1066 steps. You just never know what you might get unless you do it. Besides, its a view that you probably do not see that often and you had a great day. Technically, it was worth it. I hope you weren't carrying a lot of gear.

comment by chesuidayeur at 11:14 AM (GMT) on 22 October, 2010

Is it a piece of road in the middle right of picture ?
Anyway, that's a great eerie shot. A part of me wants to cross and walk away and be lost in this fog.

comment by Sakis at 11:25 AM (GMT) on 22 October, 2010

Beautiful mist and landscape - excellent tones!

comment by djn1 at 12:17 PM (GMT) on 23 October, 2010

Thanks everyone, and thanks to those of you who pointed out the road in the middle of the shot. I have no idea why, but I hadn't even noticed it :)

comment by paul at 01:17 PM (GMT) on 27 October, 2010

love it David!!