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This is a shot of Harmony, taking some time out from splashing around the pool.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
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1.21pm on 17/6/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
3x2 + children [portraits] + show the original
comment by DaveB at 09:41 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

A beautiful shot, I'm always disgusted about how sharp your shots look! A quick question though, how come the thumbnail on your facebook feed shows a colour shot, while this one is in B&W, cos the colour one looks intriguing!

comment by djn1 at 09:50 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Dave: at this resolution the apparent sharpness is as much about how I sharpen the image in Photoshop as anything to do with the original (I use the Smart Sharpen filter as it seems to produce the best results). As for Facebook: for some reason my update picked out the original version rather than the postprocessed one, and I couldn't get it to switch. You can see the colour version by hovering your mouse over the 'show the original' link beneath the main image.

comment by mikelangelo at 10:10 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Very nice. Cool composition with nice 'triangles'. Well done indeed.

comment by Carlos Garcia at 11:37 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Wow... don't quite know what it is about this capture, but it certainly helps to slow life down a bit. The pensive countenance... you can almost hear the sound of the water behind her... I think you captured peace in this moment of Harmony's life.


comment by Sunil at 11:55 AM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Very good details and tone. Is she massaging her legs? She is cute :)

comment by Dan Kaufman at 01:48 PM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

the B/W processing is brilliant. Well done !
She sure is intently focused on those footies.

comment by Adam Stevens at 03:33 PM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Great photograph David! It's been a while since I looked at one on the blog but wanted to see the B&W, which is very nice (OK really really nice, love the skin tone, very smooth). Also wanted to say how much I like being able to fade the before after images.

comment by Jason at 05:21 PM (GMT) on 25 June, 2010

Was this posed or a natural shot? It is simply stunning. Her pose is cool, the detail in the wall she is sitting on interesting, the skin tones are perfect, depth of field to blur the water is spot on and of course the finishing touch of the doll makes the shot :)

comment by Dave, the lazy photographer at 12:25 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

You're the doctor, Man. Another really special shot.

comment by Debbie Hartmann at 01:03 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

I like this image in color... but LOVE it in black and white. Really a nice image of this girl

comment by Miles at 04:14 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

Superb. I agree with the sharpness comment, and the B&W conversion is awesome. And cute kid!

comment by MQPhoto at 08:13 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

I love the composition, well done. Great B&W

comment by djn1 at 09:44 AM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

Sunil: I'm not sure what she was doing. When the kids are playing I tend to try and stay in the background as much as possible, so didn't ask. They're used to being photographed, but I tend to get much better shots if I leave them to get on with it :)

Adam: I'm glad you're enjoying the 'show the original' feature. I'd been posting the original on a separate page for quite some time, so it made sense to integrate it as a standard feature.

Jason: no, it wasn't posed. I have posed the kids for some shots, but the ones that work best are nearly always the ones where they're just being themselves.

comment by Kurt at 09:07 PM (GMT) on 26 June, 2010

I am always amazed that you get the skin to glow on your B&W, my B&W shots the skin looks dull. Should I look at your B&W tutorial?

comment by Sara at 06:29 PM (GMT) on 27 June, 2010

Interesting photo. I have never thouht that picture od kid could be są misterious...
PS. I don't speak English well, but I hope you understand me

comment by anne at 02:53 PM (GMT) on 29 June, 2010

simply gorgeous!

comment by mooch at 01:55 PM (GMT) on 30 June, 2010

This really is a strong image. It is so well composed you can forgive people for believing it to be posed. The wall makes for a perfect frame!

comment by Jennifer at 04:29 PM (GMT) on 1 July, 2010

Brilliant capture :o) I see your darlings don't get any less photogenic!

comment by aiGi.boGa at 10:27 AM (GMT) on 2 July, 2010

Perfecto tratamiento y composición, el chorro de agua es magnífico¡¡:D

comment by David Kelly at 11:41 PM (GMT) on 2 July, 2010

David, such a beautiful image captured & converted here. I can enthuse about the tranquility, the serenity, the innocence about this photography but as a parent, I really empathise with how touching it must be to catch such a great image of your child. Compositionally it perhaps would have been better to avoid the water spout going through the head, but when you've got such strong lines & diagonals within the subject and a sympathethic mono conversion it's still a great shot!
BTW You're a brave man for taking your gear so close to water with children around ;-)