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I took this shot after Craig and I spent several hours photographing the railway tracks featured in my previous entry, and beyond that there isn't too much else I can tell you about this one other than to say that there was something about the scene that appealed to me.

Let me know what you think.

On a related note: Craig has posted another shot from his visit, which I think looks pretty good.

And finally, on a totally different matter, here's an interesting photographic project that I came across on twitter this morning. I seriously doubt that I'd have the patience to set something like this up, but the end result is definitely interesting.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
10.52am on 9/1/09
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
non standard
comment by Xavier Rey at 06:13 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

interresting work !

comment by rambohoho at 06:38 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

nice photo. interesting title.

comment by Banjo at 06:38 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

I like it, but would perhaps have tried to get a bit closer to capture a more dramatic angle.

comment by djn1 at 06:52 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Banjo: this was shot at the end of our walk and a) I didn't have my 70-200 with me, and b) couldn't be bothered to walk another step :) I take your point though, but quite like the distant perspective of this version. Also, it works much better at a higher resolution; i.e. it's easier to see the individual birds.

comment by Garry at 07:02 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

This would be cracking to see as a large print in a gallery :)

comment by csj @ id7 at 07:11 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Dave, I think you may have just found the cause of you broadband dropouts! ;-).... I love this shot, reminds me of one of my kids PIXAR films, a comedy moment indeed.... makes me smile a lot. And I bagged the same image. Infact I think I saw it first!!!! csj @ id7

comment by djn1 at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Craig: yep, you did see it first, that's why I posted it this week rather than wait for you to get yours posted ;-)

comment by steve deer at 08:06 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

this is simply superb, very graphic

comment by Eugene at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Great crop and an awesome title to go along with the image!

comment by csj @ id7 at 08:19 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

I'll just have to make sure mines better then, I guess I have a while to tweak it .... ;-) csj

comment by atzu at 08:20 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

What a good shot ! I've seen the same several times, but I haven't had de idea. I like it very much !

comment by Nick Radcliffe at 08:30 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

I like it, though as you suggest, I can imagine that it might be quite a lot better at higher res.

comment by Frida at 09:39 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

This reminds me of an animated kids movie :-) I can hear them japing over here..........
Well captured!

comment by Banjo at 09:52 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Dave, and I get your point :) I can totally imagine that a very very large print of this up on a wall would be really cool.

comment by Jason Wall at 09:54 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Hi Dave, here goes again,

Its an interesting photo for the contrast in what appears to be simple but really isn't. What caught my attention first were the birds sitting on the lines. There are so many for a split second you think the lines are thicker than they are, then you notice the breaks.

I noticed the contrast between the lifeless urban quality of the power lines themselves set against the life of the birds and the natural sky.

Its a very simple photo, almost monochromatic. It feels balanced. The heavier weight of the tower on the left compensates for the length of wire on the right.

The last thing I noticed was the way the gradients in the corners, not quite uniform like a vignette, but providing enough variation to keep your eyes interested.

The panorama works well also, accentuating the thinness of the wires and their length.

Good shot,

comment by Chris at 10:31 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

I like it Dave. I posted something 3 days ago along the same idea but not as wide-angled as yours. I zoomed in on a portion of it. http://cmldigitaldetails.com/photoblog/index.php?showimage=129

comment by Craig at 10:54 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

A simple but extremely pleasing image. I don't really know what else to say about, it just feels calming somehow.

comment by Jennifer at 11:06 PM (GMT) on 14 January, 2009

Fun shot! starlings? looking at this I can hear the racket they make :-)

comment by Polydactyle at 01:39 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

What a find! Too much birds!

comment by Robert at 02:54 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

Looks like Beethoven's 5th to me.

comment by Rob at 04:44 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

Nicely composed.

comment by 613photo at 05:01 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

My God that's a lot of birds! Very cool shot, sir!

comment by Mark at 09:16 AM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

I had to do a double-take on this till it clicked. Nicely seen Dave. I'd echo the "large print" comments above.

comment by Simone at 05:02 PM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

Brilliant title for a great capture! WELL DONE

comment by Em at 06:21 PM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

I love it. Birds on wires always reminds me of something in the opening pages of a Stephen King novel, can't remember which. He was describing birds sitting on telephone wires..."hot gossip tickling their feet"....thought that was pretty awesome. Heh.

comment by Wolfgang at 06:42 PM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

An interesting photo with a great title ...

comment by Philip Jensen at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

Really like this picture, but I would change the colours a little more, making it a bit more "surrealistic." Mainly because the mood in this picture is hard to decide, it's halfway sad, halfway good.

comment by Jessica Kehrli at 11:27 PM (GMT) on 15 January, 2009

WOW!!!! Party! Neat sight, thanks for sharing! I have not looked into Twitter yet....

comment by Westy | P H O T O N O M Y at 12:53 AM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

great wow that amazing to see all those birds.. it reminds me of that pixar animation with them all on a telephone wire..

but great wide angle framing and use of the blue

comment by Kristian at 09:27 AM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

Cool stuff! Makes think of pixar's for the birds. You've certainly got a few of them here. Love the background, you have to look twice to understand it's not pixel errors on the wires, but birds.

comment by Demilliac at 10:20 AM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

oh my ...

comment by Gabriel Robledo at 11:53 AM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

Simple and beautiful image! I canĀ“t believe that those tiny black spots are birds, how many are they? 1.000?

comment by djn1 at 12:54 PM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

Thanks everyone.

Gabriel: I did think about trying to count them all, but decided that it was probably not really worth the time it would take. There are a lot though :)

comment by Ilan at 04:10 PM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

Amazing photo! I really enjoyed this one, everything fits just perfect. Great stuff, thanks for sharing! :)

comment by Michael Paulison at 09:13 PM (GMT) on 16 January, 2009

RUN! This is truly a crazy amount of birds. It's a beautiful image and I actually like that there are so many that I can hardly tell there are any at all. It's actually quite a frightening image the more I look at it. Really great catch!

comment by Jeremy at 01:12 PM (GMT) on 17 January, 2009

"A longer exposure is currently in the works, courtesy a San Francisco artist named Jonathan Keats: a 100-year exposure of a hotel room."

Don't you just know he'll come along half-way through and realise he forgot to take the lens cap off? :-)

comment by Marco Verheul at 10:57 PM (GMT) on 17 January, 2009

Cool title and a very nice shot!

comment by chiara at 02:29 PM (GMT) on 18 January, 2009


comment by will pattison at 01:49 PM (GMT) on 22 January, 2009

brilliant! i love that you stood off and didn't succumb to the urge to shoot a more obvious angle. the color of the sky is sublime! done in lab?


comment by djn1 at 01:55 PM (GMT) on 22 January, 2009

will: this one was done in RGB using the Selective Color tool to add some cyan and remove some yellow from both the whites and the neutrals.

comment by Keri Klassen at 12:38 AM (GMT) on 10 May, 2009

whenever there are lots of birds on a wire, my in-laws say that the birds are having church.

this one makes me smile. :)