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I have another 11 shots from my trip to Barcelona, that I was going to continue posting, but Fleetwood Pier burned down last night so we went up there this afternoon to see what was left. The leftmost side of the pier (built of iron and concrete) seems to have mostly survived the blaze, but the main pier building has been totally destroyed.

The pier was opened to the public in 1911, and while it isn't the most photogenic in the area I have managed to get some decent shots over the last couple of years. I'll try and get some more later this week and will post any that are worth seeing.

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1.01pm on 9/9/08
Canon 1Ds Mark II
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comment by dfp at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

Great shot, and an incredible shame. I know this is one of your favourite haunts, and I can only imagine this makes the shots you've taken over the last couple of years so much more precious, and dare I say probably quite valuable.

comment by Thatch at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

A very sad site

comment by Linda at 08:19 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

Such a shame. Beautiful photo though.

comment by Thatch at 08:20 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

sight even.

comment by wee David at 08:21 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

When I read about this, my thoughts turned to your photographs. Apparently "arson is a possibility" according to the chief fire officer at the scene. I'll never understand why people feel the need to do something like this.

comment by Richard Trim at 08:30 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

a real bummer Dave ... the incident I mean.

In a response to wee David . Apparently arsonists often return to the scene of their expoits. Fire Brigade observers have been known to report that they have sometimes seen a spectator of the fire with rather a large bulge in their trousers ....

comment by djn1 at 09:00 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

It is a shame. In recent years the pier has gone rather downhill, but there was some hope that it would regain some of its former glory, but I don't think there's much hope for it now.

comment by Joseph at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

As soon as I heard of this, I thought of you and your pictures.
Sorry to hear of this David.

comment by Jane Stuart at 09:11 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

When I heard on the radio first thing, I thought of all the shots you had taken over the years. A sorry state indeed but a great photo

comment by lightseeker at 09:26 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

It was very sad to see the fire on the news this morning. The second pier to burn down this year.

comment by Jennifer at 09:49 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

So sad - hate to see these old landmarks wrecked by idiots. An old theatre in Derby has been 'accidentally' badly damaged by developers!! On the brighter side - there must be the opportunity for a book about it - along with some beautiful photographs of course ;-)

comment by PhilB at 11:08 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

Nice shot. Amazing it was so quiet there.

You have a great archive of the pier.

comment by Michael Rawluk at 11:11 PM (GMT) on 9 September, 2008

Wonderful. The photo looks like it could have been shot 97 years ago.

comment by Mohamadreza at 01:30 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2008

Great shot indeed, sad to hear what happened,

comment by mikelangelo at 04:54 AM (GMT) on 10 September, 2008

wow. Very nice shot. well done.

comment by Jay at 02:00 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2008

Such a harsh scene done very softly. Interesting contrast!

comment by Bill at 07:26 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2008

I hope no body was hurt.

comment by djn1 at 08:07 PM (GMT) on 10 September, 2008

Thanks everyone.

Bill: I'm fairly sure that nobody was hurt.

comment by matt neil at 10:00 AM (GMT) on 13 September, 2008

have done a few 'model' shoots up there recently and there have always been a gang of mildly abusive kids, buried right under the pier, directly below the building, with a small fire to huddle around...

will mist it as it is/was a great location for all types of photography and apart from the aforementioned idiots everyone around is very friendly :)