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As I mentioned yesterday, unless something especially exciting happens, or I come up with a new way to photograph this scene, this will be the last of the shots of the stranded ferry Riverdance.

As for this one: it's another attempt to capture the scale of the scene, but this time I wanted to focus on the salvage going on in and around the boat, rather than just the boat itself.

In terms of post-production, this one was relatively straightforward other than the fact that I altered the colour temperature when I processed the RAW file (as described in my first digital workflow tutorial); i.e. it's considerably warmer than the actual scene.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
4.48pm on 6/2/08
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
2x1 + photo friday [noteworthy] + beachcombing
comment by Justin Gaynor at 07:06 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

This is easily my favorite of the series Dave, the details are retained beautifully even in the shadows.

comment by Jennifer at 07:07 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Beautiful - though that does seem a little oxymoronic when applied to a wreck! Keep 'em coming please.

comment by Max at 07:12 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Nice work of capturing a historic event.

comment by Dave at 07:18 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Ba-Zing! David, I've been watching the series develop and what a marvelous way to close it out, a sunset no less! Great detail and though not what I would consider 'classic chromasia,' this is a photo-journalistic image of the highest caliber, great job!

comment by orange at 07:55 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

My Favorite of this series. Amazing color!!! Love the detail in the shadows.

comment by Bil at 07:58 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Nice use of stilettos and color.

comment by Lynne at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

As the image was loading (top to bottom) I knew I'd love this one. The colours and details are fantastic.

comment by Eirik at 08:25 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Amazing contrast and detail, I have to agree with other commenters here that this is my favourite in the series.

comment by Denis at 08:53 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Amazing colours, even if a little postcard style; But I like postcards.
The best one of this series. Great

comment by dfp at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

You definitely saved the best until last! This is a great shot Dave.

comment by Jacob at 09:23 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

This is my favorite in the series by far! Great structure and flow, and the color is amazing.

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 09:59 PM (GMT) on 8 February, 2008

Dave, you squeeze unimaginable amounts of detail from your lenses mate, is there a magic trick, or something I'm missing from my lenses.... Also when you colour a shot like this do you feel guilty at making the colour shift away from the original scene, or do you just love playing with colour?...sorry if that wasn't too clear.... its one of those questions I should have kept in my head..... I'm loving what is in effect aerial perspective in this image.... csj

comment by Paul at 12:30 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Ahhh now this is my favourite of the series. Great colour.

comment by Dibutil Ftalat at 12:52 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

This one is the best so far. Great work!

comment by Alice at 01:40 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Great silhouette. Nice detail too.

comment by Jarrard at 04:24 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

This is my favorite of the series as well. I enjoyed #6, but this image tells a story, an elaborate and interesting story. It holds your attention quite well, and it is remarkable how much detail is preserved in the shadows while maintaining the feeling of a silhouette. Excellent shot.

comment by oldshutterhand at 06:56 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

GReat capture of that buisy scenery. I wonder that the object made for swimming doesn´t collapse in that position on land.

comment by thukai at 09:59 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Without a doubt the best of the lot.

comment by Rodolphe at 10:26 AM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Another stunning one. The work on the RAW file is superb. This scene seems to be endless in terms of combination and ideas. I am sure you will find one more!

comment by thomas mueller at 03:59 PM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

i really like the fact, that, if you don't know what it is, you can't imagine the thing in the middle. well composed with the helping hands around the ship.

comment by Veerasundar at 07:34 PM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Good silhouette. It looks a complete sequence of actions starting from the left to right. Colors are beautiful :-)

comment by redge at 08:26 PM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

This image tells the whole story. This is no doubt the best of the riverdance series.

comment by nataJane at 09:08 PM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

These ferry pics are fascinating!

comment by djn1 at 09:44 PM (GMT) on 9 February, 2008

Thanks all :-)

Craig: do I feel guily? No ;-)

comment by mikelangelo at 02:44 AM (GMT) on 10 February, 2008

HOLY COW! great, great composition... I think I've got a new favorite in this series... your HDR shot was tops...but the simplicity of this shot makes it very striking!!

comment by Mike at 06:31 PM (GMT) on 11 February, 2008

Stunning. One of my recent favorites.

comment by crash at 03:48 AM (GMT) on 12 February, 2008

good lord ... how did it get stranded !?!?!? and how do they get it off ?

comment by Martin at 12:30 PM (GMT) on 12 February, 2008

Love the colours - great silhouette.

comment by Rocco at 03:25 PM (GMT) on 13 February, 2008

I think this is my favorite so far. Great job!

comment by Richard Trim at 08:07 PM (GMT) on 13 March, 2008

Missed this for some reason David. This is one hell of an image. Stacks of interest and a really busy feel to it ... I really like the colourisation you have created. richard

comment by Stefan at 04:50 PM (GMT) on 15 March, 2008

fantastic shot, sky and silhouettes are perfect!

comment by mannedspace at 02:37 PM (GMT) on 29 June, 2010

Right place/time. Great capture. Congrats on PhotoFriday!