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Although this may be a bit lacking in content for some of you I was quite pleased with the way it turned out. It was the last in a sequence of six shots, taken as the gull tracked from the bottom-right to the top-left of the frame.

On a totally different matter: if any of you can read Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish – and have a spare minute or three – I wondered if you'd mind taking a look at the following page:

.../tutorials/online/index_translate.php (now disabled)

In the sidebar (to the right of the screen) there's a ‘translate our site’ box with a dropdown menu. The reason I've added this is that we get a fair amount of traffic from around the world and I thought it might be useful to offer an easy way to translate the content using Google's translation service. The only problem I have is that I have absolutely no understanding of any language other than English so can't evaluate the translations. Any feedback would be gratefully received, even if it is to tell me that I wasted my time because the translations aren't up to much.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.21pm on 4/12/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
16x9 + fylde coast [scenic]
comment by Chris Chisu at 07:40 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Very good study in scale.

comment by DedicatedRR at 07:53 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Interesting photograph...my immediate thought was that I didn't like it all, not my style, but when you look at it from a scale sort of perspective, it's a really nice shot.

comment by si at 08:13 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

being the simple modernist that i am, i abso-frickin-lutly love this shot. i love the tone, i love the pose of the man, i love the sparce composition, i love the dark to light gradient of the ground plane. this is one of my all time favorite chromasia shots. you da man.

comment by Nawid Sahebzadeh at 08:14 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Hello david, a great shot! I love the big emptiness on this one which emphasizes the subjects that ARE in it.
To comment on your new translated pages:
I am from holland and speak dutch obviously. The translation of ur site is quite good. I did not expect it to be that adequate when it comes to grammer but fails quite horribly on specific words. I'm not saying you shouldn't use the translation because it certainly offers a lot of help to dutch people who don't speak english very well but I'm just trying to point out that you may confuse some of ur viewers.
To give you an exmaple.:
"screen grabs" is roughly translated to " taking screen" which can confuse some people
or "tutorials" being translated to "manuals"
I hope you can get some valuable data from my explanation.
keep up the good work.

comment by Victor Vogelpoel at 08:19 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

A very intreaguing picture. It makes you create your own story.

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Its that time again Dave, when I beg of you to publish a simple blog book, I know that I'd buy one from your site, and it would be an excellent addition to the coffee table mate... go on you know you want to. It would be interesting to hear how many other people want you to do the same. An 11"x14" book with simple layout and nothing but lovely Chromasia images in it..... oh yes!!..
Oh and I love this picture...


comment by E y e V i s i o n at 08:30 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

I like this kind of minimal images. The tonig is also great.

I can't help you in those languages you've mentioned above but if you plan to translate it to hungarian, than I can. I don't know that google feature, maybe it is not for hungarian or you don't have enough visitors from Hungary but if you do, than go ahead to contact me!

comment by DedicatedRR at 09:10 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Oh, yes, Craig is onto something there! A coffee table book would be absolutely amazing, a perfect gift...after I've given it to myself, of course. I would have to buy a copy for every room in the house and I'm not the only one who would. ;)

comment by Pierre at 09:22 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Just a few pixels from a monochrome color swatch, and then a wonderful picture!

comment by Andriy at 10:17 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

Russian translation is very coarse, it is understandable, makes sense mostly but pain to read. Basicaly, it's broken language - the same one newcomers are speaking.

comment by Alistair at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007


comment by Chris DoL at 10:26 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

I'm from the German speaking part of Switzerland and checked out the German translation of your tutorial. One can roughly follow what you're saying, but the language is completely mangled. I wouldn't use it if I were you.

Congratulations on your pictures, though!


comment by nungee at 11:07 PM (GMT) on 7 December, 2007

i like this one a lot as well. you managed to surprise me.

comment by paolo at 12:00 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Great minimalism here!

As for the translation, I checked the Italian version, and it's more or less understandable, but quite horrible. I doesn't reflect the quality of your work at all.
Just to give you an example: "this month's issue" is translated in "il problema di questo mese" which means "this month's problem"...

you could search for someone to translate them for you, maybe offering a free subscription for the translation. I would go for that deal.. and I'm leaving you my email address with this comment ;-)

comment by robin at 03:23 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

This is such a lovely, peaceful shot! It was especially welcome on a gloomy, frigid day in California.

To echo others with regard to the translation, I'd say the Spanish version is fairly clear in places and quite mangled in others, especially when it comes to terminology like "screen grabs" which comes out nonsense. There are also some rather problematic completely wrong translations like: "the 'click here to pay' buttons" which becomes "click here to pay for the buttons," or "our dedicated members ' forum" which becomes "our dedication of the members of the forum." These I noticed after just a cursory glance.

comment by Rob at 04:24 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

I just love this shot. A true classic. I can't help with the translation issue except to say that taking the que from Nawids comment you could probably more carefully write the original minimizing slang, etc...and get a better translation result.

comment by Kevin at 05:21 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Oh I absolutely love this shot! The simplicity! The scale! excellent work.

comment by PuglyFeet at 06:26 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007


comment by Michael George at 08:04 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

I'm a huge fan of minimalist photos, and I printed a photo very very similar to this in the dark room just yesterday.

Here here, I love the toning as well.

comment by Anne at 08:32 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

The Dutch translation is what you can expect from a translation machine. Sometimes accurate, sometimes so wrong that it's hilarious. It can be a help to people whose English isn't too good, but it does not look professional.

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 08:47 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Forget translations to foreign languages, its all about the images, and WE your fans want a blog book to buy please. Comment or reaction please?, frankly disappointed you didnt have one in time for xmas ;-)

comment by Jennifer at 08:58 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Absoloutely beautiful. This book sounds a good idea :-)

comment by Bruno at 10:08 AM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

One last comment on the translation page: you can change the translation to improve the text and the translations in the future. When you scroll over the text, you see a pop-up with the original text of that line, and there you can suggest a better translation.

comment by jkm at 12:39 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

The photograph takes you places!

As for the translations, I would say that electronically translated documents will always be a bit rough around the edges. However, as for the German translation the main bulk of it would make sense to a non-English speaking German (are there any left?..). Better that, that nothing at all.

comment by riika at 01:29 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Wow. Amazing.

comment by Betsy Barron at 01:51 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

rockin' negative space image. I love i.

comment by Magnus von Koeller at 02:18 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

I like the shot... The translations, though, not so much. I am German and while the German translations do get the meaning across, more or less, it falls short in the important details. I don't think it's much good to anyone because most Germans will be able to read English more or less anyhow, so they'll get the general meaning even without a translation and the automatic translation is no help with those crucial details that they wouldn't get when reading English. Anyhow, I am usually quite fatalistic when it comes to automatic translations. I once had to translate a bunch of text for a multi-lingual site myself and knowing how darn hard it is for a human I just don't see how a computer's supposed to do it...

comment by Luke at 02:41 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Great shot.
Online translation for technical stuff such as tutorials will just be a train wreck to be honest.

comment by Eugenie at 03:45 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Your shot is amazing. It looks a bit like winter here, in Quebec. So lonelly and empty...

As for the automatic translator, I wouldn't trust it. It never works well, since there are loads of things that need to be crosschecked in translation other than the words (context, idioms...).
I checked the French version, and your sentence : 'Each month's issue - based around a specific theme or topic - will show how to use Photoshop to transform your photographs into powerful and compelling images.' is translated by somethong looking like 'Each month, based on the question around a theme or topic, will show you how to use Photoshop to transform your photographs in energetic and images.'
With an effort, it's understandable, but certainly not French. I think most of the people interested into your blog entries are able to handle with your very good English version, so if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it. But thanks for the thought of it !

comment by Bart Braem at 04:35 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

The translation works almost perfectly for Dutch speaking persons. And congratulations on the great pictures, I've been following your results for some time and they keep impressing me, every time again.

comment by Matthijs at 05:32 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

INteresting photograph!

As for the translations, i checked the Dutch translation, and i agree with what most people are saying above. In some places understandable, in others completely off, but in total not very professional.

For example: in you tutorial of the Curves Tool, the Curves tool is translated as "the plugin".. i had to wait for the original text to come up (help google translate) before i understood what is was all about.

Maybe we can all take a part and translate, and help you onwards like that.

comment by Lightseeker at 05:45 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Brave and successful!

comment by djn1 at 07:20 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Thanks everyone.

As for the google translation idea for the tutorial pages: thanks for all your detailed feedback, but I"ve decided not to implement it as it definitely seems as though they aren't good enough for a non-English speaking person to get a full sense of what the tutorials are about. If people want to use the service, they can anyway, but given its obvious inadequacies I don't think I should be promoting it.

And I may well do a coffee-table book. Watch this space :-)

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 08:10 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

YOU see you know it makes sense. ;-) CSJ, it would be time well spent....

comment by Alice at 08:18 PM (GMT) on 8 December, 2007

Amazing shot, David. I really like the minimalist feel to this. Very nicely done.

comment by Tom K. at 05:36 AM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

Minimalism has never been done any better. A best of the year candidate.

comment by Alison at 12:18 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

I love this one, pure simplicity. Fantastic.

comment by doug at 04:54 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

This may be one of my all-time chromasia favorite. It's a "I wish I had shot that " shots. I'm always inspired by your photographic wandering and willingness to try (and master) so many different styles.

comment by Tim Barry at 06:52 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007


My initial reaction is that this is one of your greats...



comment by garghe at 06:56 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

Wow!!!!! Awesome photo.. i would like to see it onto a music album cover : )

comment by Sharla at 07:12 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

I should have commented on this shot when I first viewed it and I've been haunted for not having done so.

It is wonderful, literally pressing the bounds, a whole world painted in the margins. If it were cropped just a modest amount, virutally nothing would be there except a monotone. Move back and a the whole scene unfolds in the shortest space: nothingness coalesces to water and mist, barks and cries, man and nature. The whole of the shot is captured in a minimum of black pixels. It's huge!

comment by chiara at 09:05 PM (GMT) on 9 December, 2007

Very minimalist. I like it

comment by Bambography at 08:44 AM (GMT) on 11 December, 2007

I can't comment on the tutorials, but as for this image - its great!
Very Lowry. I love the simple colours, the composition and the timing!
One of my favourites! Excellent!

comment by birgit at 10:37 AM (GMT) on 11 December, 2007

so very pure, so cool! love it!

comment by mooch at 03:05 PM (GMT) on 11 December, 2007

This is wonderful. Very much like a perfect watercolour.

comment by dieter at 06:44 PM (GMT) on 11 December, 2007

this is one of the best images i have seen recenlty online...why? cos' its different due to choices you have made: the colour, the spacing.
Visually very pleasing image!!

PS. i'm coming back :o))

comment by Joe at 05:24 AM (GMT) on 12 December, 2007

Beautiful shot. Points, lines and planes (or birds as the case may be).

comment by Paul Courtney at 01:55 PM (GMT) on 13 December, 2007

Hi Dave,
Another of my favourite 'open-space' type of shots. It reminded me of 'The Path of Least Resistance' from 7th Jan 2006, but the soft flesh tones here are more visually pleasing to the eye. Truly wonderful dynamic composition, and maybe a candidate for your Airport gallery.
Can I pre-order your coffee-table book of shots please!!

comment by Kai B at 07:26 AM (GMT) on 18 December, 2007

I love this photo! REALLY!

comment by Jason Wall at 09:58 PM (GMT) on 20 December, 2007

Hey Dave,

Its been a long time since i last commented. This is a really nice shot, and something of a departure from your usual style. I really like it. It reminds me of some japanese photographs by artist Michael Kenna (http://www.michaelkenna.net/html/hokkaido_05/index.html).

Very minimalistic. But somehow, relaxing. A visual representation of that feeling of being out in the middle of nowhere, alone with nature, when you mind can unwind and settle. A lot of peace in that photograph. Oh. And I like the color.

Hey, I bought your book! Who knew way back you'd become this sucessfull. Congratulations! And in case it helps, I'd definitely be interested in a Chromasia coffee table book.