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Over the last few days I've been busy writing my latest tutorial so have spent some time looking through my library for images to use as examples. Mostly, these are images that have already been posted on chromasia, but they are some that have been used for other projects, of which this was one. It's a shot of Finley, our son, enjoying the bubbles in his bath.

Update: it's Sunday evening, and I still haven't managed to post anything since Thursday, but I will definitely be out and about tomorrow. On the plus side, I have finished our latest tutorial – Portraits: part one. If you're interested there's some brief details about the tutorial on the main tutorials page and some further information here:


focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
11.02am on 11/3/07
Canon 5D
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
580 EX (-1/3 FEC)
C1 Pro
1x1 + children [portraits]
comment by PictPicture.com at 08:15 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2007

Wow gorgeous print as usual! She's adorable.

comment by E y e V i s i o n at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2007

I think this is one of your best shots about the children. His face is magnetic. Congratulations.

comment by oli at 08:22 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2007

great as always ! perfect eyes.............and @PictPicture.com: it´s a boy :-)

comment by F. SPANS at 09:42 PM (GMT) on 15 November, 2007

Very nice!

comment by Navin Harish at 04:06 AM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Hmmm... this soap tastes really good

comment by Tom K. at 06:34 AM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Portrait perfection.

comment by mal at 08:11 AM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Bubble muncher! gorgeous shot. mal

comment by Jennifer at 10:44 AM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Cute n cheeky! Great eyes.

comment by machi at 12:10 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

oooooooooooooooooh your son is a lot more than beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!i like that he has his tongue like that..:-P

comment by Si Goodchild at 12:20 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007


Trying to work out what you did with the flash: did you bounce or use a diffuser or a bit of both? (It certainly looks like the light is coming mainly from above, but I always have to pump in a bit more FEC to get a good exposure, whereas you've backed it off a little with -1/3 FEC)


comment by ninu at 02:33 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Okay so Dave I have a question. I have these 3 lenses 17-40 f/4L, 24-105 f/4L IS, and 70-200mm f/4 L and I was wondering if I wanted to take a shot with this much detail in the eye (how incredibly sharp and perfect you make it), is that more of a 2.8 L lens factor with regard to the sweet spot in the lens?... or more your talent in photoshop that makes each photo simply sing? :) I love how you can bring out the details in people's eyes and faces. I love all your scenic shots of the beaches, etc. however I am partial to the human shots because they seem to flirt more with the audience in an open way and make you feel relaxed. "Let me show you some shots of my own kids. Sit down, have a beer, etc." So you do a great job in being able to communicate more with people with these kinds of shots. Great work again! Ciao buddy!

comment by djn1 at 10:46 PM (GMT) on 16 November, 2007

Thanks everyone, and my apologies for not posting anything today (Friday). I'll get something up tomorrow.

comment by jkm at 05:30 AM (GMT) on 17 November, 2007

Perfect portrait. Was this handheld?

comment by djn1 at 09:22 AM (GMT) on 17 November, 2007

Si: it was bounced off the ceiling, without a diffuser.

ninu: in this instance his eyes stand out because I used the Channel Mixer for the black and white conversion, heavily weighted towards the blue channel. What this means is that his eyes, which are blue, were lightened with respect to his face. As for the sharpness: any of your lenses should be fine and the reason they have so much detail in this shot is as much to do with the sharpening of this version as it is to do with the original shot.

comment by El Jefe at 11:07 AM (GMT) on 17 November, 2007

Very fresh. fantastic

comment by Wolfgang Burzler at 07:41 PM (GMT) on 17 November, 2007

Great photo, I love her eyes ...

comment by CSJ @ id7.co.uk at 07:55 PM (GMT) on 17 November, 2007

I have tried and tried to get the same feel to me portraits, but I just am never truely happy with the end result. I guess having the pop of flash on this cleaned it up, but even so, I really struggle to pull in the same tonality. Are your children inherently BLUE?, so that when you channel mix them they jump out of the page, coz, My Finlay looks muddy, and flat.... mental note 'must try bounce flash' - CJ

comment by m at 12:02 AM (GMT) on 18 November, 2007

Not had time to look in for a while (only 3 weeks left!)
Love this one :-)

comment by ninu at 03:45 AM (GMT) on 18 November, 2007

dave thanks for the detailed explanation :) Have a wonderful day!

comment by Richard Trim at 09:09 AM (GMT) on 18 November, 2007

As a final observation....Finlay blowing bubbles ... Must mean he's a West Ham supporter! ;-) richard.

comment by djn1 at 07:29 PM (GMT) on 19 November, 2007

Thanks all :-)