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One of the things I learnt while in Germany is that there's a vast difference between hand-crafted wines and the ones that are mass-produced for the supermarket shelves. For example, only 5% of the world's vineyards are harvested by hand. For Van Volxem wines (the winery I was shooting for last month) each vineyard is picked three times: once to remove any bad grapes; on a second occasion, to harvest the first crop of grapes for their cheaper vintages; and on a final occasion to pick the remaining grapes for their more select wines. This photograph was taken to reference the hand-crafted nature of their wines, so it's a bit out of context when posted as a blog entry, but I decided that it was probably worth posting here too.

focal length
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2.04pm on 2/10/07
Canon 1Ds Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
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C1 Pro
3x2 + travel [Wiltingen, Germany] + commissions
comment by David Chabashvili at 07:08 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2007

Great detail! I really like this shot - looks like poster material, with all that nice colors and detail.

comment by Josef Renklint at 10:51 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2007

Very cool shot! I like the scared skin on his hands.

comment by paflechien at 11:01 PM (GMT) on 12 October, 2007

Very nice close up, great details

comment by Jason Dale at 12:11 AM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

Stunning detail and well framed. This shot works very well for it's intended market.

comment by Joseph at 09:01 AM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

I've loved this series from germany, but this is my favorite! wonderful details, lighting, and texture!
well done! :)

comment by Craig @ id7.co.uk at 02:19 PM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

Dave theres an interesting thread on id7.co.uk about your recent pics, and another picture of you hard at work that your adoring fans might like to see. Thought I'd let you comment also, we want to know your opinion on something, the topic is commercial photography, over freestyle imagery. I do like the DoF in this shot, and THAT lens is a must have, would sort all my problems with the mid range, fantastic stuff.... CJ

comment by djn1 at 07:14 PM (GMT) on 13 October, 2007

Thanks all.

Craig: I've written a response, of sorts, to accompany my next entry.

comment by garghe at 10:50 PM (GMT) on 14 October, 2007

Great colors and fantastic sharpness on the foreground ! I'll be glad to have one comment to my photos from you :)

comment by birgit at 01:22 PM (GMT) on 16 October, 2007

I like this, it´s so pure.

comment by Katie at 11:55 PM (GMT) on 16 October, 2007

I love the diverse textures in this one. The shot works, even out of context. Nicely done as always.

comment by Tom K. at 03:53 PM (GMT) on 31 October, 2007

A simple captivating photograph.