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I do have one more beach shot to put up, but I thought I'd put this one up first. Taken this afternoon, it's a shot of Rhowan saying hello to her new sister.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
2.00pm on 10/3/07
Canon 5D
EF 70-200 f/2.8L IS USM
C1 Pro
1x1 + children [portraits] + people [portraiture]
comment by Elaine at 10:22 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

Very sweet :)
How do you and Finley cope being outnumbered by all the girls?

comment by djn1 at 10:25 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

It's a struggle ;-)

comment by YETi at 10:28 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

HAHA I thought she was kissing a space hopper :)

Bit too blown out for my liking but hey!

comment by EyeVision at 10:53 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

Very cute picture. Maybe the best of your baby series nevertheless there is no baby visible on it :)

comment by owen-b at 11:03 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

Aw Jeez, Dave, baby photos AGAIN? etc etc ;)

Your kids must certainly be getting very well versed in The Facts Of Life. I like how a lot of your shots have that 'professional white background' but are probably just shot in the bathroom or something. :)

comment by Rich at 11:58 PM (GMT) on 10 March, 2007

I've noticed that too! I bet all his rooms are like giant lightboxes or something.
& going through my blogroll this evening I just keep coming across great image after great image - how staged is this though? I can't imagine you making her stay there while you take shot after shot playing with the aperture...oh no wait, that's just me..

comment by Joseph at 01:49 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

do I sense more baby pictures? :P

comment by Edward at 03:47 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Since the tutorials have been so long in coming, how about (for old time's sake) giving us a general sense of the post-processing here. My guess is channel mixer to pull out the red channel and make it monochrome, duplicate background layer, gaussian blur it and set mode to overlay, and a final curves layer to tone it?

comment by Edward at 03:48 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

I'd also be very interested to know how you set it up, whether there is actually a white background or if you pulled everything out during post-process.

comment by Mark at 06:49 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Dave this is a wonderful shot. Nothing more needs to be said.

comment by Ronnie at 08:57 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Great shot Dave,
although at first not quite obvious she is kissing a pregnant belly...could be a balloon, if you know what I mean...Maybe its the lighting...
There are no veins, or bellybutton...
Lovely concept though!

comment by Jennifer at 09:16 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Beautiful shot - def a space hopper though - or maybe twins - sorry Libby only kidding ;-)

comment by Ryano at 09:27 AM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

great moment to capture. what a brilliant brilliant shot clarity is top notch and the lighting. nice dave :)

comment by m at 06:36 PM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Fab shot. I didn't recognise either of them :-)
Rho looks so grown up and somehow looks a bit like Emerald. Is that really Libby? She's the size of a space hopper ;-)

comment by M Dohoney at 07:54 PM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

What's a space hopper?
I know tyres, wheelie bins, petrol and lifts, but what's a space hopper when it's over here?

I'll be looking for tutorials- this black and white is so wonderful!

comment by Si Goodchild at 09:37 PM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Did you shoot against a plain white background or have you achieved this result with careful dodge/burn or similar alterations? And why manual shooting instead of Av or P? It looks like you've used bounce flash from the ceiling, yet you claim no flash (?) Hope you'll be covering this sort of thing in your tutorials!

comment by djn1 at 09:57 PM (GMT) on 11 March, 2007

Thanks all.

YETi: I'm going to give Libby your IP address. Watch your back ;-)

owen-b and Rich: we live in an igloo ;-)

Edward: you're pretty much spot on though getting the background pure white was a bit difficult (it was shot against a beige curtain).

Si: my apologies, I did use flash but entered the EXIF data incorrectly.

comment by Amy at 02:53 AM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

I can't believe that this is Rhowan! She's such a little lady now! Thanks for letting us know your children's names and also letting us get a glimpse of their lives.

comment by Photo Buffet at 03:17 AM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

Ah, this is a precious hello. Priceless!

comment by navin at 05:40 AM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

Very nice

comment by Ralf at 10:31 AM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

Very strong mood and composition!

comment by Gavin Hart at 10:32 AM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

I came here thinking there might be a beach photo posted. Lol ! But this is such a charming portrait and a sweet concept. Very beautiful moment. I think it must be greatly more meaningful than any scenery shot and an image to keep for all time. I can understand why you would wish to post this one.

comment by Claude at 01:02 PM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

Simply beautiful, great composition!

comment by mal at 06:07 PM (GMT) on 12 March, 2007

this is really lovely. mal

comment by KJM at 01:37 PM (GMT) on 13 March, 2007

I think it needs something recognisable on the pregnant belly (like the belly button) to identify what she's kissing.

comment by angie at 04:19 AM (GMT) on 22 March, 2007

Such a beautiful thing. I love this photo. Simple and meaningful.

comment by Michael Rawluk at 02:14 AM (GMT) on 19 April, 2007

Beautiful shot.

comment by Jesus at 10:01 AM (GMT) on 23 April, 2007

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