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I had hoped to put up a picture of Finley today as he fell asleep on the settee, snuggled up to all four of our cats. If the cats had all been asleep too, I might have got the shot, but they were far too interested in the camera to stay still long enough for me to get a decent shot ... which is a bit annoying. Next time Fin' has a nap I might drug the cats and drape them around him ;-)

Anyway, failing a 'young boy and his cats' shot, I raided the archives and found this one; a reflection of Blackpool Tower in a rather distorted shop window. A year ago, I would have loved this image – I had a big thing for reflections – but, for some reason or another, I'm not quite as keen on them anymore. What do you think?

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
5.28pm on 2/5/06
Canon 20D
EF 70-200 f/4L USM
98mm (157mm equiv.)
aperture priority
C1 Pro
1x1 + Blackpool Tower + reflections [glass]
comment by Jamey at 09:27 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

I think you're going through the same phases we all go through with photography. You learn some tricks that make images look cool and you get the best out of them but you always get bored in the end and want to take images that stand up on their own merits without too much messing about.

Then you start thinking that all you're doing is being a conduit and not actually putting any sort of stamp on the images to mark it as your style so you go looking for new tricks and it swings backwards and forwards between those two poles until you eventually even out somewhere in the middle and learn to appreciate your eye for what makes a photo in the first place but also when to do a bit of trickery or leave your mark on a shot.

That's my instant opinion anyway, the first thing that popped into my head. If it's any consolation, I don't like the reflection shot I posted today either. Just did it as an intro to the next two I intend to put up.

comment by Ash at 09:35 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

I agree with Jamey to a certain extent. However, you're still a very talented photographer, and it remains an excellent picture.

comment by John Washington at 09:43 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

Thats a good point Jamey. I tend to have a different slant on my own photography. My approach is to photograph images that have some relevence to my life experiences to date.

My photos don't always convey my feelings, and the longer I engage in photography the less inclined I am to try and explain my rationale or reason for taking them.

I'm with Jamey in that I tend to process my images according to what I feel is required but I'm glad I have invested in the time to develop the skills which enable me to do that.

I do enjoy seeing everyone elses work though and this image kind of takes me back to the reason why Dave inspired me in the first place.

Without Daves help and inspiration I wouldn't have found my own approach and whilst everyone knows I have a close association with him we still see and take different images.

I like this image a lot. At first I didn't like the purple and would have been inclined to change the purple to grey, but on reflection (no pun) I think the colour purple somehow makes the image.

comment by djn1 at 10:21 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

Jamey: yep, that's probably part of it. Also, one of the things that I particularly like to explore is the ability of photography to capture things that we might not otherwise see: reflection shots being a case in point. When I was shooting a lot of these, particularly ones in water - puddles, pools on the beach, and so on - I got to the point where I experienced the content of the reflection as tangible (i.e. a feeling that there was 'real' depth, that it was 3D rather than 2D). I haven't had that experience in a while, which could account for why I'm not 'seeing' these shots as I used to do.

John: it's odd you should mention the purple - it's my favourite bit of the shot.

comment by Joseph at 10:44 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

no, I still love this one, but I certainly feel that your style has progressed, and I've really enjoyed your recent pictures. would of loved to of seen the cats and your son!

comment by Andy@PhotoChron at 11:35 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

Beautiful complimentary colors. Nice abstract.

comment by Alistair - Digiphotology at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 5 October, 2006

Cute though your children are, I much prefer this type of shot. I am also very much in favour of capturing images that only the camera can visualise. Jamey and Dave make good points. It is inevitable when responding to random stimuli that the range of photography ebbs and flows and even when you decide to follow a thread there are only so may images you can post before you start to alienate visitors.

comment by Robert at 01:53 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I like the strong purple; makes a nice frame for the reflection.

comment by otilius at 02:15 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Really good colors...they go well together and make a better than average abstraction. I can go to google images or Getty for stock shots. Thanks for digging this one out of your archives.

comment by Gabriel Loeb at 02:21 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I love the colors here, and I'm always a fan of abstraction. The composition is nice, but what I really like is the warped reflection. The way it's bent out of shape (out of phase I suppose) is really interesting. Great capture.

comment by Ries at 08:57 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

So nice! Great reflections and colours.

comment by m at 09:51 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Nothing has changed with the images just your own perception of them. When something comes easily (like your reflection shots come to you) the end result never seems quite as brilliant as when the result comes the hard way (like your stuck on the top of the boat shots)

comment by Jennifer at 10:13 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I think you're being very picky - just pity us poor mortals who haven't yet mastered the reflection shots yet! I love it - almost as much as the picture I have in my mind of you trying to shoot your sleeping lad and fighting off inquisitive cats! ;-)

comment by Arthur at 10:50 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Interesting. I’m really not into the palette of this one, but I seem to be the only one!

comment by Lex at 11:24 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Reflection shots can be trite but if the reflection is abstract in some way, as this is, then it can stand up. I'm quite happy for you to keep archive raiding during this hiatus as it's throwing up a good mixture of pictures and processing.

comment by Chris at 11:40 AM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I like this one. Its back in the style that first attracted me to visit Chomasia daily! As you say reflections are a part of life often missed and I myself fail to see them expecially when I want to 'shoot something different'. Its all in the eye!

comment by mooch at 03:20 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I never understood your obsession to begin with really although I do like the seemingly more infinite number of colours present in this reflection

comment by John at 03:39 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Very nice!!! As someone famous once said, it's not what you see, but how you see it.

comment by jelb at 03:54 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Are you sure " the Blackpool tower"?.. not "the Eiffel Tower"..Wonderful picture!..

comment by kyle haapala at 04:26 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I enjoy it quite a lot. I think the wavyness (if thats a word) of the reflection contrasted against the straight lines of the window creates a nice contrast. I also really enjoy the colours. I think its important not to view this as a "reflection" but rather a combination of form and colour... kind of like when you try and draw a person, your not trying to draw a person, your focus is drawing the forms that make up the person. Does that make sense ?

comment by Dutch PhotoDay at 06:21 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

The angle of this reflection is great!

comment by Craig Wilson at 09:21 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

I dont think that its up to your usual standard David! But as far as reflection shots go its a good one.

comment by djn1 at 09:29 PM (GMT) on 6 October, 2006

Thanks everyone.

comment by jasonspix at 04:44 AM (GMT) on 7 October, 2006

I like it. The colors are great too.

comment by Alec Long at 11:59 PM (GMT) on 7 October, 2006

I hate to be the lone dissenter, but it looks like you stumbled and your shutter went off.

comment by Sharla at 05:03 AM (GMT) on 8 October, 2006

Some interesting points on photography and the maturation of style are mentioned above. There's a lot of experience and truth to the words.

However, as to this shot, I'm surprised that the fact it is a reflection is instantly acknowledged, there's not a word on the quality of the reflection because it isn't a straight reflection. I feel the distortion of the relfection is what makes it so interesting. There is portions that look sharp next to sections that are reduced almost to mist. Every straight line is reduced to waves. This is a very nice presentation of a warped and interesting capture. The post-processing is handled well and I like the complementary colors.

Also interesting is the effect of a mirror-like reflection of a reflection.