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As with yesterday's shot, though it's a bit more obvious today, this was a reflection in a train window, and I think I definitely prefer this one of the two. I don't know why, but I'm especially drawn to this type of shot: maybe because it seems as though the subject is engaged with the camera when, in fact, they're staring into space at the world beyond. Anyway, expect more of the same at some point soon.

Oh, and as I mentioned yesterday, it's the same guy in both shots.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.06pm on 28/11/05
Canon 20D
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
1x1 + reflections [glass] + between destinations + people
comment by joan at 07:42 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

I think I'm first in posting my compliments on yet another amazing shot. I love reflections too, especially the ones you capture.

comment by Brian at 07:46 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Ah, the decisive moment is gone - I thought I was going to get first comment in! :-)
When I see a shot like this, I wonder whether the subject is staring into space, or whether he's staring at a reflection of a camera!
Nicely composed.

comment by Jem at 07:48 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Much prefer this shot Dave ;) I love the composition you've gone for - it reminds me of these competition winner images from the international photography awards - http://photoawards.com/04/contests/winners_detail.asp?id=3263.

Great work :)

comment by John Washington at 07:50 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

It's a great shot Dave. It clearly portrays human nature without obvious inteference.

A candid moment that works for all the right reasons.

comment by suseu at 08:04 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

i love your recent monochromatic shots.

comment by Jan at 08:04 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

This looks like he's looking into a dolls house ... with a mirror

...if that makes sense

Nice picture anyway. I always love your b&w's.

comment by Velviapix at 08:15 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Yes Dave,
I do like this one better, It has a little more to it, but... I am surprised you posted both on B&W.


comment by mark at 08:35 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Hi Dave
Out of interest, how are you finding the 1.4 compared to the 1.8 as you've only recently switched haven't you? I've got a 1.8 MkI but the slow focusing, especially with moving children, is making me think about moving to the faster 1.4...worthwhile would you say?


PS. I do like these reflection shots...you can use the term reflection in either way :-)

comment by Chamanti at 08:43 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Firstly, since this is my first post on your blog, your photographs are impressive. The content you choose to frame is delightful quite often (even when they are sobre and/or simple). I love your B/W's but I think it is a bigger challenge to take good (great) color photographs and in that aspect you are so terribly impressive!!!! (I cannot say that enough!) My favorite picture is the fallen parachute (huge one with squares in its cloth with colours of greys, blues, greens and some yellows) though there are many close seconds.

Anyway about this pictue, I personally liked the previous one better - because the man's face was entirely clear (in form, in focus) and the rest was so fluid - where as in this picture the man's face blends into the fluidity...

This picture is more serene though and there is more readable content in the out-of-focus part too (both plusses)...

comment by ralphs at 12:20 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

at first the photo is irritating, it's surreal and that is exactly what i want when i look to high quality b/w images. ;)

comment by michael at 12:23 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I think this shot is missing something that was there yesterday. Not to say that I don't like this one. This is the type of image that I believe you are best at creating and you do it amazingly well. Yesterday's picture captured a moment for which I needed to create a story to go along with the situation. Today's picture, while maybe stronger technically and compositional, is somehow lacking in this respect.
Great photo never the less.

comment by Jez Coulson at 12:48 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

yeah I prefer this one too. I love the frame for his face and the chairs.

comment by Rod Thomas at 01:27 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Very nice capture, Dave... and very unique! Having missed yesterday's shot until after seeing this one, I had no idea it was from a train. I assumed it was a reflection in a mirror in a storefront... or something along those lines. I immediately thought of various movie scenes where a ghostly figure talks to a person through a mirror. Then, maybe that's because I've been photographing headstones lately. :-)

And, having gone back to yesterday's post, I much prefer today's stare-into-space expression, and the overall composition of the shot.

comment by Enike at 04:24 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I love it. I really don't know what else to say. :)

comment by Navin Harish at 06:04 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Good shot. I personally liked the one you posted yesterday as it had a lot more character to it. Although nothing as dramatic as this, I have also taken in a picture of my reflection that you can check here. In the center of the image you can see the tripod.

comment by Andy M at 08:09 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Robert Doisneau eat your heart out!

comment by Caleidos at 08:55 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Im never comment in your blog, becouse I idolize you ... Im spanish (sorry for my bad english) these shot is a great shot ... i like it by the expression of the man... congratulations
Greetings Caleidos

it would feel to me very happy if you visited my Photoblog

comment by Jose at 09:45 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Its Special.

comment by Dan at 09:58 AM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I think I like yesterdays more, I like the emotion in it. This one makes me feel sorry for the chap. Still a great shot, the different shapes frame and balance with his face well, and the crop works well.

Still like yesterdays better :)

comment by peter at 01:25 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

although attractive, just a s a pretty girl, if he's not eyeing you, but the guy behind the window, you didn't get it

awesome expressions, but (ok it's a reflection) messy, you get away with it, when posting on chromasia, but in school, they'd kick your arse

comment by owen at 01:31 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Excellent - I really like this one - definitely best with the black theme. He seems so close yet so far away. beautiful light play.

comment by Cush at 01:34 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Well, this shot is better than nothing!

Can't believe it!


Amazing to think that it's another Wednesday, time flies! I'll be fifty soon, I think I'm having a suprise party. djn, how old are you?

Bye then!

comment by Darren at 02:27 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I like it better than the previous one. Not least because I had to look at it for a moment or two to work out what was going on. Nicely done. I get the train into work every day but always feel I'd be invading peoples space and privacy if I took pics on the train. Maybe I'll give it a go though.

comment by Craig at 03:23 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

This is the first time I have commented. I like most of what you do - but especially the candid people images. I'm not sure how it is in the UK, but in the US people are very "weird" about their personal space. I've yet to muster up the guts to shoot like this. Ever get punched in the nose for taking a photo?

(BTW - who cares if he's not actually looking at YOU - nice capture)

comment by char at 04:38 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I love photos like this, where someone is truly captured in a moment. Great photo!

comment by redge at 04:38 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

This one looks best with the black theme. Nice work.

comment by Patrick at 07:54 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I'm drawn more to the previous shot - it had more life.

comment by Charlotte at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

It's a great shot - a great expression.

comment by djn1 at 09:06 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

Thanks everyone.

Velviapix: for some reason these reflection shots very rarely work in colour.

mark: I've been impressed with the 1.4 so far - the focussing is faster, and it's a sharper lens.

Rod: for some reason this one reminded me of Dorian Grey, so I know what you mean.

peter: I'm not sure I follow why you think this is messy.

comment by Judi at 04:28 AM (GMT) on 3 December, 2005

Now this photo is more like a painting as you look at it in the thumbnail. Regular size seems etherial and realistic at the same time. I like it, the face is still not at peace but has come to terms with something.