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I do have another couple of shots that I took while I was out with John the other day, but I have two shots of this guy that I want to put up first.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
1.07pm on 28/11/05
Canon 20D
EF 50mm f/1.4 USM
aperture priority
C1 Pro
3x2 + reflections [glass] + between destinations + people
comment by ps at 06:28 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005


comment by Jem at 06:30 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

I very expressive shot Dave - not too sure about all the space on the left, I think this might have worked better as a portrait shot - but do you believe in portrait shots? ;)

comment by djn1 at 06:34 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

Jem: I do believe in portrait shots, but I also like off-centre images such as this one :-)

comment by Jem at 06:37 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

I agree - I just personally thought if you chopped off the lighter section, and left the space with the darker grey colour it could have more impact. Personal preference though - it's what you like that matters :) I still love his expression!

comment by Ben at 06:42 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

A bit of space to one side often works well, I think it does in this case as there's nothing too attention grabbing, almost leads you gently to the guys face. He looks like he's yawning to me!

comment by Jarod at 06:48 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

Yawning or just not having a good day?

comment by wushi at 06:49 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

wow really nice, love the frame, love the expression .-))

comment by jezblog.com at 07:04 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

nice moment. not completely specific. but it is suprising and human. nice one.cheers

comment by Mikelangelo at 07:33 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

Very nice. I was thinking that there was a touch too much light on the left...but I changed my mind. The left side balances well with the man and with the lovely depth of field...the detail in the man's face really draws my eye to him. very nice.

comment by michael at 07:53 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

I think this is your best photo in a while. I really like the use of negative space. It adds depth to the image and makes his expression even more powerful. I also like how his head is almost floating in the darkness of the background. Great job!

comment by Keith at 07:55 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

It would also work well in square format. Are we too bound by our screen dimensions and landsacpe format?

comment by blake at 08:03 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

when I opened this up, I thought, "I know he's not going to tell us anything about it and try to make us figure it out for ourselves." Yep. ;) Seems kind of voyeur-esque, like we're peeping in on him, or is he yelling at John while you catch the shot?

comment by djn1 at 08:24 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

michael: glad you like it, but I don't think it's as good as tomorrow's ;-)

Keith: tomorrow's shot is square, this one I decided to leave in this format as I liked the space, particularly the way it divides the image into thirds.

blake: well spotted! And you're right, I'm not going to tell you, at least not today ;-)

comment by Mark D at 08:51 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

I quite like it as well. The feeling I get is of peeking around a corner at someone who is in mid-yell. Really interesting shot.

comment by VelviaPix at 09:14 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

Dave, this might sound strange but...
I swear this looks like a Mexican Independence scene. The man looks a lot like Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest who led the Mexican into the independence war in 1810. Some paintings I have seen, even show him with the same expression this man has, because it is known that "Father Hidalgo" called everyone from his parish, and yelled very loud "Viva Mexico" (to distinguish it from the Spanish colonial name of Nueva España).
Your image, even seems to show what looks like the flag Father Hidalgo is waving in some paintings.

Sorry if my comment is off-place, I just thought I could share my interpretation/surprise with you ;o)

comment by f. d. rahman at 11:19 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

Is he yelling or yawning? I can't tell the difference. Either way.. great capture. :o)

comment by ralphs at 11:22 PM (GMT) on 29 November, 2005

what is the name of his song ... ;-) - fine snapshot and a fantastic cut.

comment by Roger Hurrell at 12:17 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

This shot reminds me of my days in showbiz.

I like the ambiguity in the man's expression...
-is he tired from his wife's nagging, and yawning?
-is he angry past dreams are no longer reality?
-is he merely posing?

Either way, I particularly like the effect on his bald head, rather similar to my own. djn, you have helped me see the few hairs that remain on my head in a new light!

There's no business like show business.


Roge and Mogs

comment by Kristyn at 01:42 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

hahahah great capture! yawning or screaming mad?

comment by joan at 01:56 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

very cool shot. reminds me of scrooge.

comment by Judi at 04:15 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

interesting lead up from left to right and the angry looking man who has the appearance of a reptilean something on his neck! A scarf I'm sure. An attention grabber. He reminds me of an angry news commentator I saw today, a lady but it's the eyes. The eyes and the mouth.

comment by Barb at 05:23 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

great shot :)

comment by aaronn at 07:22 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Creeps me out! Reminds me of "The Shining".

Just hope he won't haunt my dreams...

comment by Kay at 08:27 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Lovely, and very 'arty' and expressive. I got the feeling with yesterdays picture, that your style was evolving and becoming even broader than it already is. Like you have been going through a transformation lately...don't know, probably just me!

comment by DM - "Underscore" at 09:30 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Very good shot. It has something very 'minibus' about it, or maybe thats me just being preoccupied?

Keep up the good work djm. Yours in songpro bonds.

comment by Aidemedia - Dan at 09:38 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Bar Hum Bug indeed, Love the negative space, and his expression is great, definately yawning though. Probably had a rough weekend clubbing, 24 hour drinking, and now its Monday lunch and he's thinking 'I'm not doing that again' : )

comment by Darren at 09:39 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

You're enjoying playing with the 50mm 1.4 then ? For me its an ok shot but not particularly stunning. But then it doesn't have to be 'cause its not my blog :-) A perfectly decent photo - if a bit too much space on the left for my liking. Just not particularly floating my boat.

comment by Jen at 10:48 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Yeah Joan! definately Scrooge - thought so soon as I saw it - thank goodness it's not just me. Oh by the way - good shot Dave! ;)

comment by pierre at 10:51 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Ah ! Jack Nicholson without an axe.

comment by drdubosc at 10:58 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Fabulous. Contrary to 1 or 2 opinions, I think the weight of the white on the left is necessary to pull the frame back from the intensity on the right .. look forward to tomorrow's. It'll robably prove me wrong.

comment by Jermaine Defoe at 11:03 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Definitely like the way you have made this photo. If you were to ask me if i would buy it i would definitely say: "Definitely".

comment by Geoff at 11:06 AM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Hmmm... It's OK. Doesn't do too much for me. One thing I do find disturbing about it is the pixelation, or whatever the correct term for it is, in the area immediately to the left of the man's face. The curtain area seems like it's a really low res digital image, certainly not the quality I've come to expect, nor would I expect from a 20 and a 1.4 50mm...

Is that something in the conversion, or what?

Bit of a peeping tom shot otherwise, but I do like the negative space.

comment by miles at 12:08 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Looks like a detail from a Bosch painting :)

comment by baris at 01:14 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

He looks like Cesar Franck, one of my favourite composers: http://www.jules-massenet.com/franck.jpg

comment by Dan at 02:08 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Wow, great shot. I got the feeling of a Shakespearian actor walling on stage. Great capture.

comment by Dutch PhotoDay at 03:12 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Great framing and atmosphere, a very impressive shot.

comment by Darrell at 03:55 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Love the negative space, which really makes the face stand out of course. The expression is great and even the gaze 'out' of the frame works well as there is little for him to look at 'in' the frame and leaves us wondering. The subjects face in front of the black area is the bees’ knees and adds required balance. The division of the frame into three distinct areas adds impact and weight to the subject and fully justifies the use of the landscape format. However, the white area is just a little too eye catching and dominant (for me) and the pattern on it also spoils the flow thru the image. Perhaps a little cloning and burning is needed?

Very nice and just unusual enough without going overboard IMO.


comment by andy at 04:22 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

I see you've added a tiny advertisement at the bottom of your page. Very unobtrusive. In fact, so much, I'd wonder if it would be ineffective? With your traffic I don't blame you for trying to pay the hosting fees.

comment by Johan at 06:36 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

I guess it's an ok shot, and by this i mean, ok by your standards. Although i must say that this comment window happens to be right in front of the "big white" and it made me realize that my eyes just didn't like the white. I could do without it.

comment by djn1 at 07:35 PM (GMT) on 30 November, 2005

Thanks everyone. I'll say a bit more about this shot on tomorrow's entry.

andy: yes, there is now a small ad' on my main index page and individual entry pages. It's unobtrusive, but it does generate a bit of income.

comment by peter at 01:29 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

after "tomorrow's shot" (which I have seen yesterday once already (should I keep going?) it's all in a very different perspective as yesterday I thought that it is a stage shot, especially with those turtle-necks, well it's all in a different pespective here, and forgive me, but I will only be able to loook at it as a stage shot, and that way I love it. On tomorrow's: nothing chabged: attractive but failed :(

comment by Noushin at 10:18 PM (GMT) on 1 December, 2005

I really like this one; I think the negative space on the left really makes it dramatic.

comment by olivier blanchard at 08:29 AM (GMT) on 4 December, 2005

You rock.

I'm so glad I found this site. You have an incredible eye.