Masirah Island 2015 #4 / 3 April, 2015 [click for previous image: Masirah Island 2015 #3]
Masirah Island 2015 #4 / 3 April, 2015 [click for next image: Masirah Island 2015 #5]
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Title • Masirah Island 2015 #4

This was taken about four minutes after the shot I posted yesterday, and despite the fact it was shot in exactly the same way it's quite different. To explain: while I was shooting this images I intended them to be silhouettes (or thereabouts) and I was shooting while Issa was attempting a slightly more sophisticated shot. He had a Profoto B1 set up on the beach, with a zoom reflector, pointing at the fisherman as he repeatedly threw the net for us. His one a one-shot deal, I had the benefit of being able to shoot the entire sequence. We did this about three or four times before Issa was satisfied he'd got the shot. So he got three or four images, I got about 40. Most of mine were very similar to yesterday's - the same light, the fisherman close to being silhouetted - but this one was different as I caught Issa's light during the exposure.

What's odd is that I was using a 1/460th shutter speed but the X-T1 syncs at 1/180th so there should have been some cut off somewhere in the frame. Also, as Issa was using a very different exposure the fisherman should have been blown out at this aperture and ISO. All I can assume is that I caught the fall-off from the flash as the power ramped down. Anyway, whatever the explanation, it was definitely a serendipitous exposure :-)

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6.18pm on 14/3/15
Fujifilm X-T1
XF 10-24mm f/4 R OIS
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Camera Raw
Photoshop CC (2014)
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