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Title • with the benefit of ...

One of the things I talked about during my recent Dramatic Post-Production workshop for Creative Live was the importance of previsualing an image as you take the shot: going beyond how it looks in the viewfinder by imagining how it could look after it's post-produced.

This shot started out in that vein but, as you will have noticed if you've already taken a look at the original, it didn't end there.

When I took the shot I was thinking about creating an image that captured something of the nature of long-haul flying: the long, tedious hours sat in one place, and the various things we do to entertain ourselves en route.

When I looked at the image later though I decided that it wasn't particularly interesting (I'm as bored with looking at Suduko as I am with playing it) so started thinking about what I could have done instead. After playing around with various alternatives I ended up with this image: a photograph of a photograph.

In this case both were taken with my Ricoh GRD III (and the added shot was taken during the same trip, 17 minutes before the main one), then the images were blended in Photoshop. The only thing that was a bit tricky was getting the reflection looking right - I almost forgot to flip it horizontally - but other than that the post-production was relatively straightforward.

As always, let me know what you think.

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8.06pm on 24/9/2011
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