beneath the surface / 3 July, 2011 [click for previous image: don't look at me like that!]
beneath the surface / 3 July, 2011 [click for next image: the doll]
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Title • beneath the surface

This was taken during my landscape photography workshop at this year's Gulf Photo Plus training event back in March, as an aid to demonstrating how to pre-visualise an image based on its post-production. And if you take a look at the original you'll see why this is a good image to use: there's not much merit in the original, and very little apparent detail. With the addition of a couple of curves though, one of which is almost vertical, the latent detail in the scene becomes much more apparent. The end result isn't exactly a masterpiece, but it is a whole lot better, and does illustrate the importance of thinking through how to transform a scene, rather than simply accepting it at face value.

If you're interested in the specific steps I went through to post-process this one I've added it as this week's Mini-PSD.

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