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Title • bodygraphia #1

My apologies for the complete lack of recent updates but it's been a very busy couple of weeks. I've been recording my latest tutorial (more info here), Libby has gone back to the UK for a fortnight, and I've had a hundred and one other things to get through before I could find time to shoot or post any new material.

The most recent, and exciting, is that I've been taking part in a Bulgaria photographic symposium ;– Bodygraphia – focussing on the the body. I've included the link to the English version of the site below, but please note that a lot of the images feature nude bodies.

It was a three day event, and there were 16 of us taking part. We were split into four groups, assigned two models a day (one for the morning, one for the afternoon), and had three days to shoot in a variety of locations: a factory, nightclub, a hotel spa, a traditional Bulgarian house, or a location of our choice. My group spent two sessions in the factory, one at the Bulgaria house, one in the spa, one at a local lake, and one at the nightclub (I had to miss that one).

All things considered, I had a really good time, but it was so far outside my normal comfort zone that I found it very challenging. For example, I'm used to photographing people, but not at all used to directing models. We also had a range of lighting kit available to us. As you know though, lighting isn't exactly one of my specialities, so that was rather hit and miss too. The net result though is that I got quite a few shots that I'm pleased with - some that fit with the theme of the symposium, and some that don't.

This one is in the latter category :-) It was taken before we started shooting at the factory, and I should probably explain that the goggles were brought along by one of the members of my group and Iva, our model for that session, was trying them on outside one of the buildings.

Anyway, I'll post more shots over the next week or so, some of which are a bit more serious than this one ;-)

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10.15am on 16/8/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
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