broken skin / 16 April, 2010 [click for previous image: The groyne #1]
broken skin / 16 April, 2010 [click for next image: body art #1]
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Title • broken skin

As I mentioned in my last entry, one of the things that Jason wanted to cover during his 1-2-1 training was 'seeing creatively'. As such I decided to take him up to the old wrecked boats in the Wyre Estuary (e.g, this one and this one).

We did take quite a few shots of the boats, and I'm sure that Jason will blog some at some point, but we also spent quite a bit of time photographing various bits and pieces that we found there: an old fire extinguisher, bits of old rope, and so on.

I also found this snare drum, part-buried in the mud just to the left of this boat. I decided that there wasn't much point trying to photograph it in the mud so we moved it. The one that worked best for me was the one you see here, i.e. the drum on the deck of one of the boats, just to the left of the scene you can see in this shot. Normally, I prefer to photograph 'found objects' as I find them, but in this case it was a lot of fun trying to find a good location.

The post-production was relatively straightforward, but I should mention that I used Topaz Detail to bring out the detail in the skin of the drum.

And if you're interested, Jason's latest image from our various shoots is linked below: a different take on the shot I posted a few days ago.

focal length
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
image quality
RAW converter
plugins (etc)
1.34pm on 10/4/10
Canon 5D Mark II
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
aperture priority
Topaz Detail
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