our almost four year old / 16 August, 2009 [click for previous image: There's nothing on (mosaic)]
our almost four year old / 16 August, 2009 [click for next image: metallic]
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Title • our almost four year old

If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I haven't had an especially great day. Finley, our almost four year old, hacked a huge lump of hair from the back of his head with the kitchen scissors, and ended up looking like he'd been run over by a lawnmower; Tabby emptied the cat litter tray all over the floor; a pane of glass fell out of one of the balcony doors; and Libby is still in the UK. All in all, it's been rather stressful.

Anyway, after mopping the floor and cleaning up the broken glass I took Finley round to a friend's house for a haircut. I don't have any "after" shots - he ran off as soon as it was done - but here's one that was taken while he was having it trimmed. Unfortunately, he likes his new short hair - which means that he probably won't have learnt much from today - but at least I ended up with something to blog :-)

As I mentioned, Libby's still away, but will be back late Wednesday evening with my new 5D Mark II, so hopefully I should have something half-decent to post by the end of the week. If I can find some time in the meanwhile I'll blog some shots of the kids, but don't hold your breath – I'm find sole-parenting a bit of an all-consuming struggle at the moment :-)

And finally, on a totally unrelated note: it's just over two years since we launched our Photoshop Tutorials and to celebrate we're giving away ten lifetime membership upgrades between now and the 22nd of August. If you're interested, there's some more info here:

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