re-animator / 18 February, 2009 [click for previous image: baby and me]
re-animator / 18 February, 2009 [click for next image: transformed]
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Title • re-animator

Here's another Lensbaby shot, a rather surreal interpretation of one of the buildings on Fleetwood seafront. I'm not entirely happy with this one (though would struggle to articulate why) but it has given me some ideas for other shots that I think would work better – so in that sense it's at least partially successful :)

On a totally different matter ...

A while ago I was approached by Josh Furey from Nocture Records who wanted to use one of my images as a cover for his forthcoming album – Archaeology. He also sent me a link to a couple of tracks from the album, which I really liked, so I sent him an email letting him know our usual cost for an album cover. He got back to me saying it was out of budget. I replied saying I'd be happy to negotiate. And then I didn't hear from him until last week.

He got back to me to tell me that he'd finished the album using his own artwork and that as I'd liked the preview tracks I might like to download the finished album. I haven't stopped listening to it since, and have included a link to one of the 'darker' tracks below.

Anyway, my reason for mentioning all this is a) because I think at least some of you will probably enjoy the album, and b) because 'against the flow' is now the cover image. In itself, this isn't especially significant, but it did remind me that creative collaboration, in a project you believe in, is often considerably more rewarding than earning a few quid; i.e. while the latter puts food on the table, it doesn't always feed the soul.

And finally, if you're interested, Josh has posted a blog entry about why the image was significant to his project here.

On which note, I'm going to have a cup of coffee, put my feet up for five minutes, and listen to 'Pieces of Her': a much gentler song than the one I included here.

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