storm conditions / 17 November, 2008 [click for previous image: the light fantastic]
storm conditions / 17 November, 2008 [click for next image: the evening fire]
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Title • storm conditions

I went up to Fleetwood this afternoon with the intention of shooting some slow shutter speed images at high tide. Unfortunately, it was raining, windy, grey and dull, and none of them worked out. So, especially since I haven't had anything to post for a few days, I'm really pleased that I decided to shoot a couple of HDR sequences while I was there.

This one was shot at the top of the sea wall and was constructed from seven exposures (with a 1 EV spacing between them). I used Photomatix Pro to produce two versions: one optimised for the foreground and another, less radical version, tone mapped to produce a less HDR-like sky. These were then merged in Photoshop and toned using a Curve.

If you're interested, I've posted the metered exposure here:


On a totally unrelated matter, and my apologies for bringing this up again: if any of you have been pondering signing up for our Photoshop tutorials, now would be a good time, as we're giving away 75 copies of our 2009 Calendar to the next 75 people who sign up for an annual subscription or lifetime membership. Well, there were 75 when we started – we now have around 30 left.

If you're interested, you can find out more about the tutorials and the calendar here:

If you're already a subscriber, then you can also win a copy of the calendar by entering our new competition, full details of which have been posted in the members' forum. There have already been some great shots posted so even if you aren't interested in entering the competition you should definitely take a look.

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