lab monkey / 10 April, 2008 [click for previous image: the kiss that missed]
lab monkey / 10 April, 2008 [click for next image: all mine]
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Title • lab monkey

I've been experimenting with HDR shots recently, especially in terms of using the technique in circumstances in which it wouldn't normally be used, not least because it's the topic of this month's tutorial, and the next. In this case, I shot a 7 shot sequence (at 1EV intervals) of one of Rhowan's soft toys, and can happily say that it wasn't worth the effort – by which I mean that I could probably have achieved this shot using a single exposure (e.g. this one). The reason for this particular experiment was that I thought the technique might add more contrast to the individual fibres, and while there is a slight difference, it isn't one that would make me try this again.

All that said, this is one of Rhowan's favourite toys, so I thought I might as well post it. As for the title: I converted the image to LAB Color mode to alter the tone and saturation.

I haven't posted the EXIF data, but all were shot at f/11.0 using a 100mm macro lens.

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