closed for business / 1 April, 2008 [click for previous image: how not to roller-blade ;-)]
closed for business / 1 April, 2008 [click for next image: untitled #65]
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Title • closed for business

This is the HDR I mentioned yesterday, and as you can see it's a lot more HDR-like than yesterday's. It's constructed from seven auto-bracketed originals, shot at 1 EV intervals, and if you're interested one of the (not especially originals) is here:


As you can see, I perspective-corrected it and removed the flag pole from above the hut. Other than that the post-processing was relatively straightforward; involving a black and white conversion, a number of masked Curves for contrast and a final one for toning.

I did think about altering the sky by dropping in one of the originals, as I'm not convinced that tone mapping does a particularly convincing job with skies, but I thought I might include this image in next month's tutorial so decided to leave it in. If nothing else it's certainly typical of a standard HDR shot.

All the shots were taken at f/8.0 and 24mm.

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