international fireworks 2007 #1 / 14 September, 2007 [click for previous image: time together]
international fireworks 2007 #1 / 14 September, 2007 [click for next image: new build]
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Title • international fireworks 2007 #1

This isn't quite as good as the shots I took at last year's international fireworks competition (here and here), but I'm quite pleased with the way it turned out – it's colourful if nothing else. Last year I had the benefit of access to the pier, from where the fireworks were launched, but this year we were a bit further back – on the esplanade just north of the North Pier. It was a good vantage point, but the shots I took are not quite as dynamic as I would have liked.

In terms of the EXIF data: I haven't posted it because all the shots I took were shot on bulb, with an aperture of f/16, ISO 100, and shutter speeds ranging from one to around eight seconds. I definitely have one more to put up, which is a bit different from this one, but I'm not sure about the rest. If any of them are OK, I'll put them up.

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