wind speed / 18 January, 2007 [click for previous image: powered down]
wind speed / 18 January, 2007 [click for next image: wind speed #2]
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Title • wind speed

As you can see, it was rather windy when this one was taken :-)

On another matter: here are my preliminary thoughts on the 5D ...

First off, it feels moderately more substantial than the 20D. It isn't much bigger, nor much heavier, but it does have a slightly more solid feel.

Second, and this one surprised me, the viewfinder is superb. I knew that the viewfinder was going to be bigger (given that the 5D has a full-frame sensor), but I wasn't prepared for quite how much bigger it was going to seem. What was also noticeable is that it's much easier to view from a slight distance, which is handy, especially since I wear spectacles, which often seemed to get in the way with the 20D.

Third, and this relates to the above, it's really nice to be able to use my 17-40 as a true wide-angle zoom rather than a mid-range one, though shooting at 17mm is going to take a bit of getting used to.

Fourth, and this is a trivial point, the shutter sounds better. Well, to be accurate, it's probably the mirror-travel that sounds better ... more solid than the 20D, if that makes any sense.

Fifth, the LCD display is a lot better than the 20D in that a) it's a lot bigger, and b) includes the option of an RGB histogram rather than just one that displays luminosity. I suspect that this will be especially useful with portraits where it's often easy to blow the red channel.

Sixth: it has around 50% more pixels than the 20D. For small prints, and the images I put up here, that won't make a great deal of difference, but for larger prints I expect that there will be a noticeable improvement.

And I guess that's about it for the time being, but I'll keep you posted if I think of anything else worth mentioning.

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11.18am on 17/1/07
Canon 5D
EF 17-40 f/4L USM
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C1 Pro
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