wyre wreck #11 / 17 October, 2006 [click for previous image: keep out #6]
wyre wreck #11 / 17 October, 2006 [click for next image: wyre wreck #12]
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Title • wyre wreck #11

I don't imagine that anyone will be too surprised to hear that I much prefer this one to yesterday's. Both are part of a series, but, on the whole, I think this is a much better shot than my sixth 'keep out' shot.

As with the other shots in this series this is an HDR (high dynamic range) image. While I know that some of you find these a bit gimmicky, in my opinion it's definitely one of the best ways of capturing this sort of scene; mostly because it captures the richness and texture of the wood, peeling paint, and so on. Under absolutely ideal lighting, I guess a straight shot would probably be as good, but it's rare that such light comes along.

Oh, and I've finally worked out that HDR shots are a lot more successful when shot under very flat/even light. I shot a few this afternoon, and as the time went on the light improved: the HDR's I took at the time though, didn't.

Anyway, let's hope that this one gets a few more comments than yesterday's effort ;-)

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