wyre wreck #4 / 18 August, 2006 [click for previous image: wyre wreck #3]
wyre wreck #4 / 18 August, 2006 [click for next image: wyre wreck #5]
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Title • wyre wreck #4

My original intention was to post this as a colour image, but the more I played around with it the less I liked it, so I've gone for a toned black and white instead. If you're interested, the colour version is here:


I like the colours, but what I'm less keen on is the rather plastic-like look of the boat itself – it didn't seem to suit the mood of this shot, or match with the other three shots in this small series.

Taking the four as a whole I'm undecided which I like best but it's probably the second one, closely followed by the first.

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