each year has a colour / 23 April, 2006 [click for previous image: tin foil tower]
each year has a colour / 23 April, 2006 [click for next image: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn]
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Title • each year has a colour

I often hesitate to post shots such as this because a) they're not immediately attention grabbing, and b) rely on the backstory to provide meaning. In this instance, the story is as follows:

When I was young, probably some time around 1968, I remember my grandparents and great-grandparents bringing myself and my sisters to Blackpool. Like countless hundreds of other people, we hired deckchairs and sat on the beach, my granddad wearing a knotted hankerchief on his head. As we sat there he would say "if you dig here", pointing to an area of sand near to his deckchair, "you'll probably find some money. It's buried all over Blackpool beach". And sure enough, if we dug for a while, we'd unearth an old penny, or maybe a threepenny bit.

The deckchairs were hired from the promenade and probably had been for at least 60 years prior to my childhood visit. And they can still be hired now.

However, Blackpool is currently re-engineering its entire seafront to include terraced gardens, new buildings and various other toursist attractions. I suspect, when the work is complete, that sights such as this – a group of ageing, tethered deckchairs – will become a thing of the past.

Oh, and John put up a shot of the same deckchairs yesterday.

On a totally unrelated matter: what would you like tomorrow? You have a choice of Elvis appearing in a puff of smoke or Batman swinging through the streets of Blackpool. The choice is yours :-)

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