pole dancing / 6 February, 2006 [click for previous image: year two]
pole dancing / 6 February, 2006 [click for next image: last week's news]
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Title • pole dancing

First of all, thanks for all the great comments on chromasia's birthday shot yesterday – they're much appreciated :-)

On which note; on with year three ...

I went out with John for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and came away with three shots that I'm reasonably happy with (there may be a fourth. I haven't decided yet), of which this is probably my least favourite. What I do like about this one are the two boys in the background. It wasn't my intention to photograph them – I was composing a rather minimalist shot of the iron pole and the pier when they ran into the shot – but I quite like the way it turned out.

As for the other two shots: I suspect that the one I'll put up on Wednesday is my favourite, but tomorrow's will probably generate more interest.

Update: I've got into a bad habit in recent weeks of feeling pressed for time, going out and getting a few good shots and a couple of not quite so good ones, and posting the weaker ones first – of which this is one. Anyway, lame excuses aside, I've done a different version of this shot – minus the pole and the odd angle, which I've posted here:


Update #2: Ok, well I've been thinking about this one and have decided that it just doesn't work with the pole in the shot. So, I've switched them around and now have the minimal version as the main entry and have put the one with the pole here:


Let me know how you think they compare.

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