motion blur (experiment) / 13 January, 2006 [click for previous image: chaos theory #2]
motion blur (experiment) / 13 January, 2006 [click for next image: Rorschach's bicycle]
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Title • motion blur (experiment)

In light of not having anything to put up tonight I thought I'd have a go at a technique that John has been experimenting with; i.e. using Photoshop's motion blur to alter a shot during post-processing (see his shot from today and this one for a couple of examples).

I expected it would be relatively easy, but it wasn't, at least not with any of the shots that I tried it on. This was my third attempt to come up with anything even tolerably decent, and while I guess it's interesting, as an idea, I'm not sure that I've made all that good a job of it. What I was aiming for was a series of blended layers that used the motion blur to complement the existing lines in the shot, rather than just blurring the shot in one direction, but I've worked on this one for so long that I've lost the ability to evaluate it. I guess the bottom line is that this is a potentially interesting technique, that could complement some of my shots, but I probably need to think more about how to apply it, and when.

As always, your thoughts are appreciated.

Oh, and I've skipped the EXIF data for this one given the nature of the post-processing.

Update: If your're interested, I've put up a different version of this shot here:


This is the blurred image prior to me adding back in the original detail.

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