best of 2005 (and a Happy New Year) / 31 December, 2005 [click for previous image: untitled #0011]
best of 2005 (and a Happy New Year) / 31 December, 2005 [click for next image: making progress]
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Title • best of 2005 (and a Happy New Year)

I didn't have anything much to put up tonight so, given that this week's Photo Friday challenge is Best of 2005, I thought I'd take the opportunity to repost a few of my favourites. I did try to pick one, but it wasn't possible: it was hard enough to whittle it down to four! Anyway, in the end I decided on don't look up #2, space, SG-Blackpool and those eyes again. There were many others I could have chosen, but these are the ones that I'm most attached to, in one way or another. They're also mostly the ones that you suggested yesterday, so thanks for helping me decide.

On another matter: I'd like to thank you all for visiting chromasia over the last twelve months. As always, you've provided great feedback and support, have been understanding when there have been technical problems with the site or I haven't been able to post for other reasons, and have continued to make this project worthwhile. Without you, I'd still take photographs, but I'm sure that the experience wouldn't be anywhere near as rewarding. So thank you, and I hope that you all have a great 2006.

On a personal note: 2005 has been a really hectic year. Finley was born back in August, work has been hectic, we've had numerous projects on the go in terms of sorting out our house, I visited China and so on. And while 2005 was enjoyable, it was bordering on being a little too hectic for my taste, so I'm hoping that 2006 will be a little more relaxed :-)

And finally, after months of trying to sort out the problems with chromasia's server, I've managed to migrate everything to the new server. As I write this the DNS changes haven't propagated so still points to the old server, but this should all sort itself out in a few days. Anyway, chromasia is now hosted/sponsored by Richard Jones who runs pixyBlog. Over the next twelve months or so Richard is going to be developing various online services for photographers and photo libraries, including a hosted photoblog solution and, all being well, I'll be piloting some of these for him in the months ahead. Anyway, many thanks to Richard for providing a home for chromasia.

I'd also like to thank a few other people while I'm here: my wife and kids, for putting up with me constantly disappearing to either take photographs or post-process them, and thanks too to John (Washington) for keeping me company while wandering around Blackpool and the surrounding coast.

So I guess that's about it for this year. Once again, thanks for all your support over the last twelve months, and I hope that you have a great new year :-)

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