East China Sea / 24 October, 2005 [click for previous image: where in the world]
East China Sea / 24 October, 2005 [click for next image: this way]
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Title • East China Sea

I went for a walk round Dalian (China) for a few hours this morning in the company of a wonderful photography student from the University, and managed to take a few shots that I'll probably put up; but found it very difficult. I decided that I'd photograph people, but the cultural differences seemed almost insurmountable at times. First, I speak no Chinese. Well, I can now say 'hello', and 'thank you', and a few other things, but I certainly can't hold anything approaching a conversation, so relied on my guide to ask people's permission. Some were ok about it, some weren't sure, and some said no. But what I found most difficult is that I couldn't read there emotions, at least not very well. After taking one photograph I thought that the person I'd photographed and his companion were arguing with my guide, but apparently they were making a joke ... but they didn't laugh or smile so I generally felt totally out of my depth and quite uncomfortable at times. Anyway, I have a few shots, and I got to see Dalian – well, some of it at least – so it was definitely a good day even if I didn't get as many good shots as I would have liked.

Tomorrow is a work day so I'll post in the evening, but I'm travelling all day Wednesday and don't know what time I'll get home ... expect updates as and when.

As for this shot: I wish the sign said something Zen-like, maybe about the tranquility of the sea, or the island, or maybe just something about China, but if I understood our guide from the afternoon it says something about hiring fishing rods ;-)

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