Freddie and John / 18 October, 2005 [click for previous image: Rho and Mia]
Freddie and John / 18 October, 2005 [click for next image: I don't do blinking!]
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Title • Freddie and John

You may have noticed that I haven't had a great deal of time to shoot any new material recently – the last two days notwithstanding – as I've really been struggling to fit everything in. Hopefully – fingers crossed – things should settle down a bit of the next couple of weeks, but at the moment it's all a bit stressful.

Anyway, earlier this evening I was looking through the stuff I've shot over the last couple of days then came across a folder of images that I'd called "working images". From what I can remember (it's nearly a year since I looked at these shots) this was a folder that I'd set aside for images that I was working on, but was not entirely happy with. One of the shots was this one, shot last September, and I can't now remember why I didn't post it at the time. It's not the most striking of shots, but it did strike me as ironic that Freddie Mercury had been immortalised as an ashtray, and John Wayne as a teapot. The latter seemed particularly bizarre and was, I think, the main reason I took the shot at the time. So, 13 months later, and in the absence of having anything else even halfway decent to put up, I thought I'd share this one with you now.

shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
RAW converter
5.23pm on 2/9/04
Canon G5
aperture priority
C1 Pro
stretched to 3x2
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