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Title • the first day

Well, eight days late, and here he is :-)

I was going to put up a second shot of Peter today, but I think that the birth of my son, at 9.50am this morning, probably takes precedent :-)

Libby went into labour yesterday evening, and after spending all night at home, awake, was seen by a midwife at around 5.30am this morning. We had hoped to have a home birth, both our latest two having been induced, but it seemed as though things weren't progressing all that well, and Libby was really tired, so she decided to go into our local hospital at about 6.30 this morning.

I got the impression from the midwife that they'd probably give her some pain relief and that she'd sleep for a while and get her strength back. However, at just after 10.00am, just after I'd managed to arrange childcare for our other four, I got a ring from the hospital saying that he'd been born. Apparently it all got a bit traumatic at the end – his head was delivered but his shoulder got stuck – but they managed to wrestle him out, change his colour from blue to pink, and both mother and baby are now splendidly well ... and both are now fast asleep in bed.

Anyway, I'm pretty much spaced out, so am going to turn in too. Expect baby shots over the next week or so :-)

Oh, and I'll catch up with the comments on yesterday's shot over the next couple of days.

And finally, I really can't be bothered with all the usual EXIF data but this was taken with my 50mm lens, at f/1.8, ISO 400.

Update: it seems as though I've confused a few people by mentioning the name Peter. Peter was the guy in the jeep in yesterday's shot – we haven't settled on a name for our son yet.

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