light bends water / 30 March, 2005 [click for previous image: Pepsi Max #1]
light bends water / 30 March, 2005 [click for next image: the eyes have it]
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Title • light bends water

The thing I like about photographs such as this one, although this is clearly true of every photograph, is that this is a moment that will never return. The tree will grow, the small waves will never be positioned exactly as they are now, and the light breeze will bend this tree into a slightly different pattern. But as I said, this is true of all photographs, it just seems more salient to me with this sort of shot.

On another matter: this week and next week we're attempting to fit a kitchen, and in a house that was built in 1875 this is no easy task: none of the walls are square, the electrics have been bodged over the decades, and the plumbing is something of a mystery. All of which is my excuse for either posting relatively crap shots over the next week or so, or none at all. I suspect that I'll put something up, but am not quite sure what at the moment.

And finally, on a much more positive note: I'm really pleased to be able to say that chromasia won the 'Best European / British / Irish Photoblog' category of the Photobloggies, 2005 Awards. So many, many thanks to everyone who voted: it's much appreciated. Oh, and I win a LensBaby which I'm really looking forward to playing with :-)

Other winners were:

Best American Photoblog - Orbit1
Best Canadian Photoblog - Daily Dose of Imagery
Best Latin American Photoblog - Momentanea
Best Australian / New Zealand Photoblog - JinkyArt
Best Chinese Photoblog - DownDream
Best Japanese Photoblog - yamasaki ko-ji
Best South East Asian / Indian Photoblog - Shutterbug
Best African / Middle Eastern Photoblog - Kosoof
Best Writing of a Photoblog - verba.chromogenic
Best Black and White Photography of a Photoblog - chromogenic
Best Animal Photography of a Photoblog - Ephemera
Best Abstract Photography of a Photoblog - Deceptive Media
Best Studio Photography of a Photoblog - Orbit1
Best Photojournalism of a Photoblog - joe's nyc
Best Landscape Photography of a Photoblog - A Walk through Durham Township
Best Toy Camera Photography of a Photoblog - Making Happy
Best Street Photography of a Photoblog - Daily Dose of Imagery
Best Portrait Photography of a Photoblog - Orbit1
Best Kept Secret Photoblog - Superhero Journal
Best Photoblog Design -
Best Under 18 Photoblog -
Best New Photoblog - joe's nyc
Photo of the Year - A Walk in Durham Township
Photoblog of the Year - Daily Dose of Imagery

Congratulations to the other worthy winners :-)

And many thanks to Brandon, Rannie and Jake for organising the awards.

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