yeah, I win :-) / 22 March, 2005 [click for previous image: I am going to win!]
yeah, I win :-) / 22 March, 2005 [click for next image: lost in space]
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Title • yeah, I win :-)

Yeah, I know, this is a slightly cropped version of the last frame from yesterday's entry, but I've put it up for a couple of reasons. First, my daughter helped post-process this one – I was under strict instructions to get the colours just right – so, given her help I thought it would be nice to put it up. Second, it taught me a lesson: that it doesn't pay to be complacent. I had assumed that at a range of around a yard an aperture of f/2.8 would have given sufficient depth of field to get most of the Gameboy in focus; i.e. an inch or two. But according to this depth of field calculator the DoF is actually less than a third of an inch – just enough to get the Nintendo logo in focus. So, at some point soon, I'm going to print out some DoF charts and memorise them :-)

On a totally unrelated matter, and I've mentioned this in the news section of the comments, chromasia has been nominated in two categories for the Photobloggies, 2005 Awards; "Best European / British / Irish Photoblog" and "Photoblog of the Year" – this is a big honour, so many thanks to everyone who nominated me. You can vote in all 25 categories for the next six days, but it's worth dropping by the site anyway to check out the broad range of sites that are represented.

And finally, Jessyel Ty Gonzalez has his interviews up and running again. The latest is with Tanner Woodford (from ashadeofgrey) and there are another 23 in the archives, all of which are well worth a read, even if I do say so myself ;-)

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7.14pm on 21/3/05
Canon 20D
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C1 Pro
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