be prepared / 29 October, 2004 [click for previous image: light rain revisited]
be prepared / 29 October, 2004 [click for next image: mad as hatters]
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Title • be prepared

I wasn't going to put this one up as it isn't really what I was after.

To explain: near to where I work is, or rather was, on old bus depot. As I walked past the other evening all that was left of it was the front wall (visible, but blurred, in this shot). Anyway, I took a few shots, but didn't really have all that long and didn't spend too much time thinking about them. When I previewed them at home I decided that there were quite a few ways that I could have shot this scene (which would have been better than this attempt) and decided to go back the day after. Of course, when I got there they'd demolished the lot. I wish I'd put in a bit more effort when I had the opportunity :-/

So, given that I'm not delighted with this one, I was going to go out today and shoot some new material, but I woke up this morning (after feeling run down and tired for a couple of days) with a vile cold – sore eyes, aching limbs, nose like a faucet ... the usual stuff for this time of year I guess – so I really didn't feel like going out.

Pictures of handkerchiefs and cold remedies tomorrow ;-)

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4.56pm on 26/10/04
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