light on the beach too / 25 August, 2004 [click for previous image: light on the beach (1)]
light on the beach too / 25 August, 2004 [click for next image: all too much]
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Title • light on the beach too

As yesterday's shot captured the effervescence and light-heartedness of our youngest daughter, so today's captures something of the seriousness and introspective nature of our almost three year old. And, though I'm hard pushed to make a decision, I think I prefer this shot to yesterday's … just don't ask me to explain why.

Anyway, I'm far too close to both of them to be objective about these shots, so I'd be interested to hear i) what you think of this one, and ii) how you think they compare.

Oh, and I've made a slight change to the colour/tone of yesterday's shot to match this one, as both, for some reason, ended up looking slightly redder than I intended. I have a fixed workflow for colour management, i.e. using PS to Save for Web with an embedded colour profile, and most of the time this seems to work fine. But occasionaly an image ends up looking slightly different from how I intend so I end up having to over-compensate in PS. I'm sure there's some technical reason for this (that I've just failed to grasp) so if you have any thoughts on the matter please let me know.

And finally; try viewing this image with the 'dark' theme rather than the default white background, it's a lot more striking.

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2.57pm on 23/8/04
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