tram travel / 1 August, 2004 [click for previous image: climb every mountain]
tram travel / 1 August, 2004 [click for next image: summer circles]
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Title • tram travel

This was taken while I was out and about looking for a shot for week's Photo Friday challenge Sunset, and I didn't really expect it to be all that successful. I had my camera mounted on my monopod, but with a shutter speed of a third of a second and an equivalent focal length of 140mm, I didn't expect that it would be all that sharp – but, under the circumstances, it's ok.

What drew me to this shot were the painted figures on the side of the tram, but I think it's the expression on the man's face inside the tram that really makes this shot for me. Anyway, it might not be one of the greatest shots that I've taken, but I did think it was sufficiently interesting to put up.

On another matter: I've been tending to post new entries shortly after midnight, but I'm going to revert to putting them up when I get up in the morning. I do like putting them up before I go to bed (mostly because the time difference between the UK and the US means that I normally get up to quite a few comments) but I'm ending up having too many late nights, so, from tomorrow, it's back to morning posting. Well, maybe the day after tomorrow – I'm really pleased with tomorrow's shot so may well stay up to post it :-)

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9.31pm on 30/7/04
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