thanks for all the fish / 19 July, 2004 [click for previous image: the geometry of waste (c)]
thanks for all the fish / 19 July, 2004 [click for next image: guest entry: pixpop]
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Title • thanks for all the fish

This was taken last week as I was going round the garden trying to decide what we need to take with us when we move. It's a decorated plant pot, about 15" in diameter, and while I think it's made a great photograph, it's less successful as a decorative garden item. We decided not to take it with us ;-)

And this is my last entry from our old address. My computer is packed away and I'm typing this on my wife's laptop, surrounded by what seems to be as many boxes as I have possessions – and we still have a million and one things to do before 10am this morning.

As for the move: up until today I didn't really feel nostalgic about leaving, but I went up to our local shop yesterday evening and ended up talking about how long I'd lived here (twelve and a half years), how old all the kids were now, and all the sorts of things you discuss when you realise that you're probably not going to see someone again ... and all of a sudden, as I shook hands with the shopkeepers I've known for the last decade and a quarter, I felt quite sad. But I suppose that's to be expected; you can't move forward without inevitably leaving some small part of yourself behind.

See you all soon, and I hope you enjoy the guest entries over the next eight days or so.

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