recursive portraiture / 15 July, 2004 [click for previous image: waterfall (b)]
recursive portraiture / 15 July, 2004 [click for next image: limestone dwelling]
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Title • recursive portraiture

Either this is a cool idea for a shot, or it's a bit silly, or maybe it's both, but I quite like it nonetheless. It's a portrait of one of my good friends taking a shot of the both of us, or ... it's a self portrait of me taking his portrait, or ... it's him taking a portrait of himself, and so on ;-)

And, given that this is considerably less artistic than recent efforts, it might well be worth me (re)mentioning the ways I categorise my images. I have three primary categories: Portfolio (for the stuff I think is really good - there aren't many shots in this category), Gallery (for those shots that I think are pretty much ok but could be better), and Photolog (for shots that are i) limited in some way, either technically, aesthetically or both, or ii) just everyday "here's what I've been up to shots"). This shot falls into the latter category and was taken part way round our waterfall walk (see the shots from the previous two days), more as a bit of fun than anything else.

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Canon G5
5.56pm on 10/7/04
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