Photo Friday: Father / 9 July, 2004 [click for previous image: lavender hued]
Photo Friday: Father / 9 July, 2004 [click for next image: c2c]
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Title • Photo Friday: Father

Update: If you haven't already done so you should go wish Sam a Happy Birthday: Daily Dose of Imagery is one year old today :-)

I had great plans for this week's Photo Friday challenge – Father – that involved taking a portrait of myself and our four daughters, and I took numerous shots yesterday afternoon. And, in all of them, our daughters looked lovely. But sadly, I ended up looking like either a rabbit in the headlights or a psychotic drug fiend immediately after the lobotomy. And, in some of them, a combination of the two. So I abandoned all of them and went with this one instead.

And as far as Photo Friday attempts go I actually quite like this one, despite its total lack of seriousness – and Homer is probably one of the world's better known fathers. To be honest though I don't think I would have used it had it not been for this challenge – it's massively cropped (which I really don't like doing), and it's remarkably similar to this shot – but I've entered something for the last 36 challenges so I didn't want to miss one.

capture date
shutter speed
shooting mode
exposure bias
metering mode
focal length
image quality
white balance
Canon G5
5.47pm on 27/4/04
aperture priority
massively :-/
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