colour film / 29 June, 2004 [click for previous image: Photo Friday: Clouds]
colour film / 29 June, 2004 [click for next image: down on the pier]
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Title • colour film

I've posted an image a day since February 5th but, regrettably, I'm going to have to take a few days off. I'm away from tomorrow until late Thursday evening, and I really don't have anything else worth putting up. There are a few shots in my archive, that I previously decided weren't worth bothering with, that I could put up; but despite the strong urge not to break the image-a-day thing I've decided that posting crap would probably be even more stressful – not least because my next shot is my 200th, and I'd much rather put up something half-decent ;-)

As for this shot: it's taken through the same shower curtain as yesterday's shot and I quite like the distorted, almost painted look. It also struck me that it was a fairly typical chromasia-type shot (semi-abstract, highly saturated, quite contrasty) so it seems like a good one to end on for the time being :-)

Anyway, I might take some reasonable stuff while I'm away (though suspect I wont have a great amount of time) which I can put up at the end of the week, after which – fingers crossed – we'll be moving. At which point though we lose our ADSL connection for seven to ten days, there are a million and one jobs that need doing in the new house, and my life wont be worth living if I skive off to take photographs – so things may continue to be a little sporadic for a week or so. After which, all being well, things will return to normal.

And finally, I got up this morning to find that my entry for the Photo Friday challenge Fashion had been awarded a noteworthy. So many thanks to everyone who voted :-)

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Canon G5
5.41pm on 27/6/04
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