automotive entropy (b) / 25 June, 2004 [click for previous image: automotive entropy (a)]
automotive entropy (b) / 25 June, 2004 [click for next image: intimate escalation]
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Title • automotive entropy (b)

I'm not too sure what remains to be said about decay, entropy and old cars, or relevant poetry for that matter, but I thought I'd put this one up anyway. What interests me about this shot, other than all the things we discussed yesterday, is that this shot 'feels' quite different to yesterday's. I could be a bit more precise about what I mean, and talk about why I think it's different, but I'd be interested to hear what other people think first.

As for this car: it's 'parked' six inches to the right of yesterday's entry, and I would imagine that it was abandoned at much the same time. My guess, and this is pure speculation on my part, is that these cars, the overgrown garden they nestle in, and the crumbling house that lurks behind both, are owned by the widow of a man who died some considerable number of years ago. And everything has remained untouched and uncared for since that point.

On a more mundane note: I've made some code changes to the way that links are opened from this comment popup. Prior to today all links opened in a new window, mostly because there's not much point in them opening in a non-resizable popup. The downside of this though, if you clicked a few links, was that your screen ended up littered with new windows. I've now changed things so that all the links open in the window you started out from; e.g. if you visit the index page and click the comments link it opens the popup. If you then click one of the links it will open the page in the original window. The change probably wasn't entirely necessary but I did think the previous solution was a bit untidy. One useful thing this has allowed me to implement is that if you click on the small image that accompanies this text it now opens the individual entry (i.e. the one that contains the full-size image) in the original window. This isn't so useful if you started out on that page, but if you've used the navigation at the top of the popup to work back through the comments you can now open the associated image much more easily. I think there may well be some problems with this, but I'll leave things as they are for a few days. Let me know what you think.

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