deliberation / 15 February, 2004 [click for previous image: polygraph (5)]
deliberation / 15 February, 2004 [click for next image: light weight]
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Title • deliberation

I took this a couple of days ago: I’d just got my new 420EX Speedlite, and was playing around taking various shots of nothing in particular and caught our daughter as she momentarily paused for a while. She’d been alternating between shouting at her sisters and watching something on television, and then she just stood still for a while. I took a few shots, but wasn’t particularly concentrating, so didn’t check the settings on the camera as I had no intention of keeping any of them. This shot, as a consequence, was very flat and underexposed by about two stops (not surprisingly).

Rather than just delete these test shots I had a quick look through them and really liked this one. The end result is more to do with the magic of Photoshop than anything else, but it does capture something of the elfin nature of our daughter – sometimes she can look quite unbelievably ethereal.

And finally, after some gently prodding from Neil Bayliss (pixpopuli), I’ve amended my templates so I can use bigger images; i.e. 700x525px (landsape format). I’ve put up new versions of my most recent images, and may get around to doing some of the older ones at some point soon.

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